I had to get my driver’s license picture taken this year. Every so many years, it has to be updated. So I went to the closest one and took a number. It is what it is. I wanted to leave before I got there.

Maybe that’s why the lady who served me didn’t look too thrilled, either. No judgements, I’d probably look the same. I stated why I was there: photo renewal.

“Which one?”

What does she mean ‘Which one?’. The one of my face, obviously.  My now completely blank face. She looked from me to my teenager. “Oh, me.”

You know, when you go on vacation, and you get to the front desk of your hotel and the person there has a PhD in customer service and you get red carpet treatment? This was not that. It was straightforward serve, without the ‘service experience’.

Here’s the interesting thing. I can roll with that. I don’t care. I actually get overly polite and friendly in these situations, just because the contrast amuses me. My teenager was stunned in a way only a teenager making contact with the real world can be.

“Cash or debit, we don’t take credit.” When she tossed my ATM card back on the counter, in my direction, the teenager nearly passed out. “Did you see that? Aren’t you going to complain?”

“No, I am not.” Why? Because I got what I wanted.

“Great, you can stay with me.”

“I’m still mad at you. Besides, I brought nothing except my wit and charm. I have to go home and get my things.”

“Come here.” He holds out a hand and I walk back slowly.

“I honestly didn’t think you had such a temper.”

“Is that what you were doing, trying to make me angry?”

“Don’t let yourself get sidetracked by what other people say or do, stand your ground, make your point.” He talks and texts at the same time.

“Thanks for the lecture.” (Closed Doors, ©2017)

We went over to the camera, took the picture and I was done. Was the service great? No. Was it quickly over? Yes. And that was my priority. Would it have been worth it to complain? No, it would have been a waste of time. I don’t care enough to waste my time.

Getting what you want often involves going over, under and around. Confrontation slows you down. Know how to sidestep. Know your goal, keep focused and don’t ever let anyone or anything slow you down.

Photo: pixabay