Do we need another blog about manifesting? No. So, I’m going to make this short. Maybe there’ll be a part 2, where we can go into some detail.

Manifesting is a good idea, per se. Even if you don’t believe in anything remotely close to the law of attraction, the simple fact of getting specific on what you want, substituting positive expectations for self-defeating beliefs, has value in itself. In your mind, your want is a concept, a thought, more or less precise, accompanied by an emotion. Generally, we know more how we want to feel than what it is you want. “I wanna be happy at work.” What does that mean?

The first step to making it happen is being crystal clear on your goal. Write it out. Be concise. Don’t worry about details or a plan. What exactly do you want? You may think you want a different job, when deep down inside you want more money. (It’s OK to want more money). Maybe you like the company you work for but can’t stand the bad office environment. Should you focus on getting another job or on better workplace climate? I manifested a better position within my organization. I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted something with less overtime and no week-ends.

I’m very aware of the importance of proof. I can’t prove this. Even if science can now show us the changes in the brain during meditating and visualization, you could argue that results have nothing to do with manifesting. Perhaps it’s simply a case of sheer coincidence, a self-fulfilling prophecy, hard work or dumb luck. But there have been strange twists along my manifestation path and it gets harder and harder to dismiss them as another coincidence. There have been too many external factors at work to claim a self-fulfilling prophecy. As for hard work, you have to put in the effort either way. Manifesting gets a bad rap because people confuse it with wishful thinking. That’s when you lie on your couch, repeat an affirmation and wait for it to happen. It won’t. You must be coherent. You can’t say you want something and act like you don’t.

What if it doesn’t work? The first book I read on manifesting said that your subconscious will steer you away from what is not good for you. No matter how badly you want it. Another answer is that your subconscious programs, your fundamental beliefs, are getting in the way. Skeptics will say these are excuses. I get that. Believe me, I’m big on skepticism. I just think we give up too fast. I’ve had manifestation fails. In retrospect, I gave up, I wasn’t a hundred percent wanting it, I lost interest. But I can’t remember a fail that turned out to be a tragedy.

Here’s what I believe. The mind is the final frontier. It is insanely powerful (which is much better than powerfully insane, haha, just had to throw that in). We barely know how to use it. An affirmation is a message to your subconscious. It is a positive statement that affirms how things are. Not how they will be, how you hope they’ll be, how they may turn out, but how they are now, in the present. Your subconscious will align itself with that reality. It will sync reality to your programmed reality. Because the subconscious is never asleep, never unaware, collecting all that information and making all those connections your conscious mind misses. You can or cannot believe it’s connected to all that energy out there. You can substitute energy for: divine mind, the collective unconscious, God, the vortex, the flow. I don’t think it makes a difference. It’s like turning on a light. You don’t need to know where the red wire or the green wire go. You just gotta flip the switch.

2 books
Read some of the real thing here.

I made a mock-up book and pretended it was my novel. I had an image printed at the copy shop. I wrote my name in Sharpie. I left it out where I saw it every day. I acted as if it was already done. “Here’s my book! Yes, siree! A done deal!” I also wrote. And wrote. And wrote. Even when I didn’t feel like it. I’d go until I fell asleep in front of my laptop. (Stop snickering, it was fatigue, not boredom!). The ideas came. I never worry about writer’s block. Sooner or later, inspiration comes. Inspiration, by the way, is like a gas tank, but that’s another blog.

Finally, be patient! We live in an instant world. Order today, delivered tomorrow. But considering you’ll want something big, life changing maybe-no refunds, no returns-be glad you’re not in charge of timing. And one last thing: keep a journal. Note what or who pops up. Ideas, coincidences, uncanny timing. Things that make you go ‘Hmmmm’. Let me know how it goes. Let me know if you want specifics. Got questions? Ask away. Sorry, this was way longer than I expected.

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