Sometimes I use affiliate links.  “Whaddat?” you may ask. It means that in my posts or newsletters, if I refer to a product I’ve used and it’s available on Amazon, I’ll link it.

If you use that link to purchase that item, I get a small (very small, not kidding) commission. It changes nothing to the price you pay, it doesn’t send me any of your info. I use these commissions to offset the cost of my site and to be able to keep posting content.

It’s like any other link except, it simply tells Amazon, “Hey, I got here because Rosemary told me about this. So send her a few cents because she did you a favor, keeping your business afloat and all…” (yes, this is humor, and sarcasm). 

I have no way of knowing who purchased something through these links or what they they bought. Your privacy is protected. 

Only the Amazon links on this site are affiliated, and only since 2021. All other links are not. They are simply for informative purposes in relation to that blog post.

Thanks for you support, I so appreciate you guys, you keep me going.

Wishing you all good things,