The Mira Foundation breeds and trains seeing-eye dogs, assistance dogs and therapy dogs for children with autism and related disorders. Their most recent project pairs their dogs with people with Alzheimers.

Favored breeds are the Bernese Mountain dog, Labradors and the Labernese, Bernese-Labrador cross developed by Mira founder, Eric St-Pierre.

Credit: Fabien Jolicoeur on Unsplash

Most importantly Mira provides their dogs to people who need them for free, and these dogs change people’s lives.

I feel strongly about giving back, I love animals, I try to keep it local, and Mira assistance dogs are simply amazing. That’s why I support them. And if you feel like doing that too, click this link. Thanks.

Bernese mountain dog, a seeing eye dog

Photo by Anastasiia Tarasova on Unsplash