Mars Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

On January 20-21 (depending on your time zone) Mars will conjunct Uranus in Taurus. In astrology, a conjunction means 2 planets are very close. An exact conjunction means they are aligned at the same degree in the sky. Astrologers use the word orb , as in ‘within orb’, to indicate that they’re close enough to affect each other. These dates are the height of that orb, when they will be less than 1 degree apart.

A conjunction blends the energies of the planets that meet up, with one usually acting as a catalyst to the other. In this case Mars will give a power boost to Uranus. So this conjunction can be summed up in 3 words: Warrior meets Rebel.

Who are Mars and Uranus?

Mars is the god of war. His energy is often labelled aggressive and belligerent. But Mars is more than that. Mars is energy and drive and wherever Mars is in your chart, you get a boost of energy and also assertiveness and determination. Mars fights for a cause. This can be reaching a goal, getting a job done, powering through adversity or standing up for yourself. Think of the warrior confronting obstacles along his mission. He forges ahead.

Uranus is associated with electricity, lighting and technology. Uranian energy can provide sudden ideas or insight. Moreover, Uranus is also rebellious. He defies the status quo and structure built up under Saturn who precedes him. Most of all, Uranus wants to set us free.

Some Notable Dates

Mars arrived in Taurus on January 7. Because Mars orbits much faster than Uranus, it’ll take only 2 weeks for Mars to be conjunct. Then, just as fast Mars will be out of orb by the end of the month. Think back around the 7th. Did anything interesting happen that day?

Added to this, Uranus will go direct on January 14. A planet moving from retrograde motion to direct always signals a change of energy. A retrograde brings a review and the direct motion a confirmation, as the planet makes a final pass over the same point. Think of driving past a sign post, backing up and passing it again then going forward and seeing it a third and last time.

In dates, that means the retrograde began on August 16 2020, with Uranus at 10 degrees 24 (start driving backwards past the signpost). Uranus went back to 6 degrees 43, the same position he was at on April 29 2020. On January 14, having backed up to 6 degrees 43, he began going forward again. On May 1st, 2021, he’ll be back to where he was (last time past the post). Think back to these dates, and make a not for May 2021.

While this isn’t the jolt of energy the conjunction will give us, you can look to these dates to see if there were repeats. A situation, or similar events. Being Uranus, possibly something surprising or confrontational. It can be a sudden insight, an idea.

Direct Motion Energy

As I finalize this, on January 14, with the energy of Uranus going direct, I had a sudden confirmation of a person’s intentions, through their actions (Mars is action). It was a moment of clarity. This had been discussed before with a friend (retrogrades bring recurrences). She was confident. I wasn’t convinced. Today I called her to tell her she was right. Now, I’m sure. Uranus forced me to position myself. I can’t unsee, I can’t go back into the mold. Maybe there’s a rebel move in the works. I’ll keep you posted. Let me know in the comments how this played out for you. Be well.

Image: Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

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