Hi, I’m Rosemary. I write romantic suspense and in between blog on creativity, writing and living well. A 60’s child, I definitely watched too much TV growing up then stayed up reading to all hours. I write fiction, because my mind is cluttered with random facts, useful for writing stories and winning  at Trivial Pursuit.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a college degree in psychology. Human behavior, with all its twists and turns, fascinates me. What motivates our choices? Why do we do what they do? How do we wind up in situations? And most of all, is how we rationalize it all. It’s also the foundation of what I write and blog about.

I have an unavowed interest in astrology; it’s my Scorpio rising so you’ll find an occasionally blog on that too.  I love animals. They don’t have all those faults I see in humans. I support the Mira Foundation. 

Most of all I believe we all have the power to change our mindset and be happier, find all our answers by looking inside, to reach our goals, to take on change and to continuously move forward. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration in my blogs.

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