Jupiter moves into Aries

Jupiter, the biggest planet of our solar system, moves into Aries on May 11th-12th, depending on where you are in the world. He’ll stay there until October 29th. Jupiter retrograde will begin on July 29th and he’ll slide back into Pisces before moving forward again on December 1st and finally crossing into Aries for good on December 21st 2022.

Need I say I’m into astrology? I hold a level 2 certification from the CAAE and have been using astrology to help myself and others understand the energies going on in their lives and how to make the most of them. Astrology also offers great insight into who you are.

This transit is no different. Jupiter changes signs and houses, meaning there will be new opportunities in a new area of our life.  Watch your rising sign first and if you are a late degree rising, you may even find the following sign a good indicator.

I move into YouTube

I’ve started putting my astrology updates on You Tube. I’ve been wanting to take this step for a while. It feels more personalized to be able to talk to you guys and discuss the planets. It also give my astrology its own space, as I want to devoted more blogs to the craft of writing and my journey. I’ve linked it below and will continue to do so with all the videos. What do you want to know about astrology?

Wishing your all good things from Jupiter!

Image: Gustavo Ackles on Pixabay

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