Videos for all Signs

The October Astrology videos for each sign are up on my YouTube Channel.  Or you can follow my Facebook. Thanks again for the likes and subscribes on YouTube. I love giving your the heads up each month.

One of the big things is Mars in Gemini going retrograde on the 31st. It’ll be normal to feel our motivation or energy, especially in one area, waning. Don’t push against it. Rather use this time to review and fine tune your plans.

The deadlock square of Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius continues. As I said in September, I don’t want to be a gloom and doom astrologer, but this is preoccupying. It will show up as scarcity and lack (Saturn) in the area of food and wealth. Saturn is also rules and regulations.

Uranus is pushing back. Uranus, the great disruptor, wants to break free from Saturnian structure. Where we see rejections of the rules, of authority (Saturn also rules Capricorn and the 10th house of government) is Uranus rebelling. My September astrology blog goes into more detail on this.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter’s Retrograde continues, and the planet of opportunity and solutions will slip back into Pisces on the 28th, until December 21st. Whatever area of the chart that is for you will have a review and hopefully a wrap up as Jupiter usually brings a solution.

But Jupiter will also be in the same sign as Neptune. There’s a blurring with Neptune and we can have trouble establishing boundaries and going overboard, giving and doing too much. Both are rulers of Pisces and Jupiter can amplify Neptune’s energy.

The Eclipses!

There’s another round of eclipses beginning at the end of October. Something or someone can be eclipsed out, information is hidden or missing. Remember you aren’t seeing the whole picture. Also the Sun and Venus are traveling together, this is a lovely, charming combination!

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