What is Black Moon Lilith?

Or rather, what isn’t Black Moon Lilith? She is not the asteroid Lilith. Nor is she even a heavenly body. Despite the name, Black Moon Lilith isn’t an object in the sky. Rather it is a mathematical point marking the Moon’s apogee. Like the Nodes are mathematical points, and not something that can be seen. What’s an apogee? Simply put it is when the Moon is at its furthest from the Earth.

Who was Lilith?

There is a long history of Lilith and different stories. Who she was and what she symbolizes has changed over the centuries. In the old testament, she was Adam’s first wife created from dust, like Adam. She saw herself as his equal, since she didn’t come from his rib. But a power struggle ensued as Lilith wasn’t as obedient as Adam would have perhaps wished. Some things never change!

Lilith then left the garden, as Adam (and possibly God) disproved of her behavior. Here, one story says she took up with that other famous outcast, Lucifer, and became a demoness. She had many demon babies and angels were sent to kill them. Leading to the myth that Lilith took human babies in revenge.

The stories vary in relation to the teller, as they often do. In patriarchal religious stories, Lilith is cast out and replaced with the more docile Eve. Although, on a side note, Eve would take some interesting initiatives of her own. But Lilith was shown as unacceptable. She didn’t act like ‘a good woman’. In other myths and cultures she ties in with the divine feminine and goddess energy.

Lilith is now seen more as a strong female energy, related to expressing ourselves freely and being independent. And this includes our sexual energy. But the shadow side of Lilith is shame. Because Lilith was made to feel bad for being who and how she was. So Lilith is a strength that we have to understand and accept.

Black Moon Lilith in Astrology

Black Moon Lilith is a strength in our chart and even if she is seen as a feminine energy, all charts have a Black Moon Lilith placement. It’s where we have to express ourselves and assert our independence. Where Lilith is you have to be you. But Lilith’s shadow is self doubt, insecurity and shame related to this same strength. Or we can feel that repression from outside ourselves.

That’s when we can try to suppress that aspect and the energy is badly expressed. Black Moon Lilith is often where we self sabotage. Or (personal experience here) makes us regret how we express that energy or feel ridiculous for being that way.

It’s like going to a party and telling yourself you’re going to be you, then coming home and thinking you were awkward, talked too much, or not enough, and either way you said the wrong thing. And you weren’t wearing the right clothes.

Lilith in our chart wants to be expressed. When we don’t, it is manifests badly, bursting out suddenly, maybe uncontrollably, and perhaps too extremely. When we keep it bottled up, that energy has nowhere to go, the pressure build and you pop your cap. Pardon all the metaphors.

Remember in the Bible, Lilith left because she didn’t like Adam telling her what to do. And Adam condemned her for that. So Lilith is a trait that can’t be subverted but at the same time brings regret or shame.

We can feel too loud, too quiet, too competitive, that we want too much, we’retoo needy or too flashy. You know the drill. It’s that being yourself and then regretting it later. Understanding how and where you do that in the chart is really good insight to help you stop feeling bad and to express Lilith well.

Lilith through all 12 Signs Video

Watch my YouTube video. It has over 1100 views and counting. I go through all 12 signs. So find where Lilith is in your chart and have a listen. Personally, understanding Lilith was a revelation to me. A big step in understanding myself better and this allows acceptance. We stop trying to be something or someone we can’t.

Image: @sabinemondestin on #pixabay