February Astrology: Cliffhanger

Three planets are set to change signs in March of 2023. February can feel like a time of looking back, wrapping up and also anticipating some long awaited changes of energy and focus.

Mars ingresses into Cancer on March 25th, 2023

Mars changing signs on the 25th of March is a relatively big deal. Mars was retrograde in 2022 and into 2023 putting him in Gemini for 7 months. Usually  he moves through almost all the signs in 1 year.

Mars is driven and assertive. He wants to move ahead. So our communications have been very direct during that period. We are all speaking up and out. Even some online ‘warring’, as the 3rd house also concerns our online communications.

He was retrograde up to January 12th but continues to be in shadow until March 18th. So as the energy picks up, it is important to remember that things may still feel as if we are running up against a wall. In Gemini, it may seem, in terms of general astrology, that we are doing a lot of talking, negotiating and even arguing but not making a lot of progress.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, retrograde as well until January 12th and in shadow until February 7th. So communications were and are really hampered. We can’t seem to get clear comms and reach an agreement. Something will change up. Contracts, verbal and written, won’t be a done deal until after the 7th. Someone will change a detail, a clause, or want to opt out completely.

I have a video specifically on the shadow of Mars and Mercury, both out of retrograde since the 12th and 18 of January, respectively. Most importantly is not expecting the energy to flip like a switch.

Saturn ingresses into Pisces on March 7th, 2023

Saturn will be the first of the planets to change signs, and won’t retrograde back. Once he hits Pisces, he’s there for almost 3 years. Saturn has been strong in Aquarius, as the traditional ruler. Saturn is structure and building a solid foundation. It is also delays and boundaries. Saturn wants things to be solid moving forward. He wants us serious about what we undertake and knowledgeable – by the end! Aquarius rules the people. As in people power. As in equality and fairness.

In a general way groups and organizations, especially with a humanitarian or egalitarian angle, have had to define themselves clearly, define their responsibilities and learn the ropes. The challenge is to learn to tolerate each other. To not throw up impermeable walls. “I’m on the right side, you’re wrong!”

None of us have had it easy with this transit of Saturn in Aquarius. But we’ve certainly learned. Saturn will not be a strong in Pisces. So the next 3 years won’t be as sharp in terms of Saturn’s effects.

Do also note that some astrologers see Saturn in mutable sign Pisces as an indication of another wave of virus. Especially when other planets make aspects to Saturn. The opposite sign, Virgo, is also mutable and is associated with the 6th house of health. Any planets transiting Virgo will oppose Saturn. You can read more from astrologer Jessica Adams, who predicted Covid.

If you were born in 1964 to 1967, Saturn will, at some point in his transit through Pisces, oppose your natal Pluto and Uranus, both in Virgo. Those born from March 25th 1964 to September 16th, 1964 and December 17th 1964 to March 3rd 1967.

Let’s not forget Saturn will bring some structure to the boundary-less effect of Neptune, there since 2011. That feeling of infinite ocean may turn into a swimming pool.

Pluto ingresses into Aquarius March 23rd

Pluto won’t make it past 0 degrees of Aquarius in 2023 before returning to Capricorn. Pluto will be in Aquarius again in 2024 until 2044.

This is the era of people power. After the era of government power and people at the top. Pluto in Capricorn showed is what did and did not work with a lot of power in the hands of few. Those with all the political power, all the money, all the influence.

This doesn’t mean Pluto in Aquarius is a complete reversal and we’ll be in halcyon days for 2 decades. Pluto is about power and control and showing us the shadow side. What is corrupt. Hence the Pluto association with death and rebirth. When it gets too bad we clear it out and start over.

Groups and organizations that were challenged with Saturn in Aquarius will now not only find it easier, but also that Saturn has made them learned and ready for a change in the energy. When Pluto moves into Aquarius briefly, their time will have arrived. Saturn, although different energy, has been the precursor, the way-paver. Saturn is more concrete, practical. Pluto is an inner transformative energy. There will be more change and influence from the people, the base.

With both Saturn and Pluto transits we’ve seen government and grass roots organizations running up against each other. Indeed, in 2 adjacent signs there is a chafing energy. Think of government vaccine mandates and groups pushing back at this obligation. And all the variations on this theme. A good example of how the energy is working. You can read more for the start of 2023 in my last blog. 

Planets at the Last Degrees

Pluto and Saturn will be at the last degrees of Capricorn and Aquarius. Planets hovering at the last degree, the 29th, have particular energy. It’s as if they want to wrap things up, review, make sure we get it before they move on. There can be a crisis energy.

Saturn will have this heaviness for a couple of weeks, from the 27th of February to the 7th of March. We’ll feel the need to review, reassess. But it isn’t about criticizing ourselves, it’s just making sure we know what is worth keeping and what or who didn’t make the cut.

Pluto’s critical point can last a couple of years. In fact, with the retrogrades, Pluto has been at 29 degrees of Capricorn on and off in 2023 and of course in 2024.

You can find the videos for each sign on my YouTube channel. As well a videos for each sign for the first 3 months of 2023. Happy belated 2023!

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Image: Debby Hudson on Unsplash