March Astrology on YouTube

The March Astrology for all signs is up on my channel. March is the big month of 2023, and probable since a few years. There are planets changing signs after many, many years. The Big Conjunction of 2020 saw Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto piled up. They are really pulling apart now, Jupiter far ahead in Aries and then Taurus in May. Saturn going into Pisces and Pluto still back in Capricorn with a small step into Aquarius.

Mars finally leaves Gemini after 7 months, an unusually long time for Mars to be in a sign. Mars also leaves post retrograde shadow on the 18th of March and then moves into Cancer on the 25th. So it’s truly full steam ahead. Mars won’t be retrograde in 2023. 

Saturn leaves Aquarius after over 2 years. Before that Saturn was in Capricorn. Saturn is at home in both signs. So it’s been a long haul! In Pisces he’s not as strong but will be a nice counter balance to Neptune’s watery, blurry, boundary dissolving effects. Saturn is structure. Saturn arrives in Pisces on March 7th at the same time as the full Moon. So his ingress will be noticeable!

Finally Pluto will make a first ingress into Aquarius, then retrograde back to Capricorn in June. Pluto takes almost a year to complete his move to another sign. This is the start of a 20 year transit. 

Pluto is the last of the planets in our system. What Saturn builds, Uranus shakes up, Neptune dissolves and Pluto ends completely and rebuilds. It’s a huge transformative period for each of us. 

Watch your video for Sun and Rising, or that of someone you know. March is definitely a turning point. 

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Image: Arun Regi Alex on Unsplash