Ruled a Suicide

The day before yesterday, the train I take to work struck a man. I’ll be brief with the details: early morning darkness, deserted part of the track, he did not survive his injuries, it was ruled a suicide.

As we waited to transfer to buses, people were on their phones, reading, or talking and laughing amongst themselves. Meanwhile, first responders worked to get the victim out from under the train.

Life as a Whole

And for a brief moment, perspective shifted and I was afforded that glimpse of life as a whole; when you see everyone as making up one single entity. Humans going about their lives. Some happy, some sad, most in between. People coming into this world, people going out, wanting to stay, wanting to leave. Each of us on different paths, all headed to  that same inevitable destination. It makes existence terribly insignificant and terribly important at the same time.  Life is short, live well.