Site makeover for 2019 manifested

Notice anything different? Huh? The new site theme? Revamped for 2019. I love it, and that’s my objective opinion. Oxymoron be damned. The strangest thing is, it manifested with barely any help from me.

As a proponent of opening doors, taking the next step and generally leveling up, this is a big deal. It’s been two years already; time to evolve. My site is part of my appearance. It’s my calling card. So it deserves its own makeover.

I’ve been coveting this theme since I first saw it, even before I had a blog of my own. Therefore, every time I came across a site with the same style, it acted as a subconscious reminder.  A sort of virtual vision board. One day, when I have my own website…That’s a way to manifest: the visual reminder.

The subconscious loves a picture.

The new site appeared, almost by itself, it seemed. I had tried to change up before. I’d inquired and looked at dozens of themes. I never found what I wanted. Then I concluded, erroneously in retrospect, that it was far too complicated and too expensive. Something that would require a programming engineer. But this is conscious reasoning. The subconscious doesn’t know this.  The subconscious knows affirmations and it knows images. It finds a way of connecting the reality you want with the one you have. One minute I was chatting online with WordPress help and the next I was hiring on Upwork. A series of steps that seemed to flow of themselves with perfect timing. When you don’t have to force it, when it seems to come to you out of nowhere, when it’s easy like that, it’s right. It seemed it manifested itself.

Resolutions anyone?

Mine? Not posting new year’s blogs two weeks into the new year…sorry it was the revamp. Writing assiduously. I like to title my years. 2019 is back to the basics: meditation, exercise, writing, blogging.

2018 lagged, it became all about reviewing and reassessing. It seemed a little all over the place, which is usually what happens when you inventory your beliefs and goals. Or was that just me? I excel at second guessing. The advantage is when you’re sure, you’re definitely sure.

Astrology followers will tell you it was the Mars and Venus retrogrades. Energy lagged (Mars moving backwards), our relationships and more specifically how we act within them, our relating style, came under review (Venus retrograde, in Scorpio no less).

Have you ever repeatedly seen something you wanted, and it eventually came along and perhaps you thought it was just luck? Have you ever used a vision board? Or just a picture on your bathroom mirror or the fridge? How do you feel going into the new year? All good things to all of you in 2019.

WordPress website customization by Priyanka Arora via Upwork

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash