I’ve been a lifelong student of astrology. I chalk it up to my Scorpio Rising, reading Sydney Omarr in the paper even as a child.  Astrology isn’t predictive, you have free will and can do as you please, thank goodness for all of us! But it can be used to target auspicious times for different undertakings. It can also describe a person uncannily well. I now hold a level 2 certification from the CAAE, and in these astrology blogs, meant to be a break for my usual topics, I’ll give you an insight into how astrology works and the big themes that astrologers are talking about right now. Note: For ease, I’ve put numeric values as opposed to writing out the numbers. 

The Capricorn pile up of 2020

One of the big topics astrologers have been focusing on since as far back as 2018 is the pile up in Capricorn. Three planets have been Capricorn for the last year, passing back and forth in front of each other. It was a party of two for while, and before that, Pluto was alone. 

Meet the actors:

Jupiter, from where we get the word jovial, spends approximately 1 year in each sign, including a retrograde period. It arrived in Capricorn at the start of December 2019, will retrograde from May 15 to September 17, and sail into Aquarius by December 20, 2020.  

Saturn is sometimes called Father Time because Saturn’s returns mark major life passages. He stays about 3 years in each sign and arrived in Capricorn on December 21, 2017, so about 2 years before Jupiter. Saturn retrograded each year it was in Capricorn. This is his final and partial year there. He managed to get to the start of Aquarius but moved back into Capricorn on July 20th. He’ll go direct again on September 29th and will finally leave in December, on the 17th, as well. Saturn is in its home sign in Capricorn. He can be his pure self here.

Saturn-Jupiter meet ups are not rare when you consider their speeds. They’ve been in proximity the last several years. Jupiter will eventually outrun Saturn though, and the distance will increase. By 2030 they’ll be at opposite ends of the zodiac. Think two cars passing each other, where one is a little faster than the other. Then slows, then speeds up again. Each time there are close, their energies intermingle.

But the interesting 3rd party here is Pluto. Pluto is the giant double-trailer wide-load semi trundling down the interstate. Metaphorically of course, because in fact it’s a small planet compared to the others. Pluto takes 248 years to go around the Sun. Because of its pronounced elliptical orbit, its stay in each sign varies slightly. Pluto will be in Capricorn for 16 years, a transit that started in 2008 and ends in 2024. 

The Setting

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac and associated with the 10th house. It’s a cardinal earth sign. Capricorn is a self-starter and cardinal signs don’t usually spend much time worrying about what everyone will think or if they’re along for the ride. It has drive it doesn’t tend to look around to see what others are doing before making a decision. The goal of cardinal signs is related to defining identity.

Capricorn is also an earth sign meaning its expression of identity will be in the material and physical realm. It is also the last earth sign, so its manifestation will be in the collective. It wants to define itself by who it is in the world.

On an individual level, Capricorn energy will define itself (self-identity) by what it has accomplished tangibly (earth sign) in a public domain (the collective). Thus Capricorn is associated with career success. They’re the mountain goat (Capricorn’s symbol) climbing the corporate ladder. Capricorns is a hard working sign that follows the rules. They can focus on a long-term goal.

In the bigger picture, Capricorn wants to create the social structures, institutions, and laws that define our society. It is associated with government: from our model of governance to its various branches: healthcare, education, the judicial system. Capricorn takes the concepts of Sagittarius that precedes it, and creates the actual constructs that uphold our societal values. 

Their Roles

Now that you know what we’re looking at, let’s see what energy each of these planets bring to this setting. Think of them as stereotyped actors in their popular money-making roles. 

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and generosity. Whatever it touches grows and multiplies. Jupiter also brings wisdom and knowledge. It’s the desire to expand beyond our puny selves to something greater. Jupiter’s benevolence is on the physical as well as spiritual plane. Jupiter is challenged in Capricorn which can be too rigid.

Saturn often seen as the other half of this odd couple. Saturn is all about responsibility, hard work, restrictions, boundaries and setbacks. But ultimately it is about change. That’s why we refer to Saturn as the planet of karma: you face the consequences of your actions, or inaction. You must evolve or stagnate. Saturn is counterbalance to Jupiter. They are two sides of the same coin. Both want growth. Saturn is at home in Capricorn and is much stronger here.

Pluto is a planet related to profound transformation, death and rebirth. It’s about power and control issues. Not because Pluto wants power or control, but because it changes things so radically, it brings about power and control issues in those who resist change. It teaches us we control nothing and out greatest power is letting go. Pluto is slow, meticulous and thorough.The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was from 1764 to 1778, covering the period of the American Revolution.

But what does it all mean?

These 3 energies are in the sign of social structures, governments, the establishment. The sign of ambition and public success. And think they will influence each other as they pass close, moving back and forth through their retrogrades. 

Think status quo versus a new order. The old way society works for something new and better. The dissatisfaction with what’s been built but now no longer functions the way it was intended. This is Saturn. Then there’s the overhaul: this is Pluto. Jupiter will bring his expansive nature to this, although hampered, but in creasing the intensity nevertheless. Can you imagine when Saturn and Jupiter get on board with Pluto? 

Why 2020?

The focus is on 2020 as the most intense period. Remember Jupiter is there only 1 year, cranking things up. Saturn is leaving soon, after only 3. Before and after, Pluto will do its thing, albeit less dramatically but just a thoroughly. 2020 is the year of upheaval. A lot of confrontation. A lot of questioning our society. We’ve seen dissatisfaction the goes beyond the usual complaining to protesting loud and clear the fundamental way the system works. 

Think of the trigger issues of 2020 and how they relate to ‘the system’ rather than individuals: the pandemic and the limits of healthcare systems already stretched thin (Saturn: this is the system that’s been implemented–maybe neglected, here’s the fall-out), fires in Australia and the criticism of the government’s laxness on climate change (more Saturn consequence), the WE charity scandal here in Canada and issues of accountability (we have a system where our PM can just give a charity 900M$?), multiple protests against systematic racial inequality.  There’s a long standing way of doing things that is not working anymore for a lot of people. There’s inherent flaws in the system that need more than a cosmetic fix-up. This is Pluto in Capricorn. This is the intensity we’ll see and feel until December, when it won’t be over but will abate. Make no mistake, after 2024, when Pluto is done, and Saturn and Jupiter will have moved through Aquarius, things will be very different. 

On a personal level

It’s hard to determine how each one of us is affected unless you know in house in your chart this is. But look back and think to what part of your life have you felt dissatisfaction, frustration or  stagnation. Where have you been remaking yourself, slowly and methodically. Where you’ve had no choice but to let go, have it fall apart and start over. You’ve attempted things and it just doesn’t go anywhere. Each step is hard won.

This is my third house (communications, siblings, neighborhood, short trips, publishing, the media, the internet, basic education and learning skills). Nothing has fallen into my lap. It’s felt uphill all the way. But I’m getting clearer, on what works for me and what doesn’t (Saturn review of the limits, Pluto redo in the works). Who I am and where I want to be in this (After the hard Saturn work, some Jupiter benevolence). And have I increased my knowledge? By Jove, yes!

There’s not much to be done in front of Pluto’s force and Saturn’s karma. Go slowly, accept this is a period of change. Build, do you due diligence, work behind the scenes. Let Jupiter’s wisdom grace you and make you a more evolved human, through it all. And, if you’re like me, you’re eagerly awaiting 2021 for a reprieve!

If there’s any particular topics or aspects of astrology that interest you, drop me a line in the comments. 

Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash