I’ve been a lifelong student of astrology. I chalk it up to my Scorpio Rising, reading Sydney Omarr in the paper, as a child.  Astrology isn’t predictive, you have free will and can do as you please, thank goodness for all of us! But it can be used to target auspicious times for different undertakings. It can also describe a person uncannily well. I hold a level 2 certification from the CAAE, and in these astrology blogs, meant to be a break for my usual topics, I’ll give you an insight into how astrology works and the big themes that astrologers are talking about right now. Note: For ease, I’ve put numeric values as opposed to writing out the numbers.

The Halloween Full Moon is a Blue Moon

There’s a full moon on Halloween this year, October 31st. How perfect is that? It’ll be the second full moon of the month making it a blue moon. Blue moons are a rare happening, occurring usually once a year. Hence the expression ‘Once in a blue moon’, meaning something that rarely occurs. 

This moon will take place in Taurus and the interesting thing is it will be full next to the planet Uranus. Uranus has been in Taurus since 2019. It dipped in in 2018, moved back into Aries and entered officially in 2019 to stay until 2026. I wrote about Uranus and Taurus here. 

The Full Moon Will Conjunct Uranus

Uranus is related to electricity, lightning and technology. It’s a rebellious and unpredictable planet, coming out of nowhere to give us a jolt. It follows Saturn who wants us to have structure and establish boundaries. Uranus provides the next step where we overhaul, take apart and recreate. Uranus challenges the status quo and stability seeking of Saturn to make us move forward. Nothing wrong with structure, says Uranus, it’s just that once in a while you need to renew. As I’ve said before the only thing astrologers will say about Uranus is expect the unexpected. 

Full moons bring clarity or bring to light something that was hidden or overlooked. This Full Moon in cahoots with Uranus will definitely bring a revelation followed by a reaction. You can expect sudden out of nowhere happenings that can bring an unexpected reaction or be the tipping point to rebel and make change. This Full Moon and Uranus will conjoin energies. 

Full Moons are felt up to 4 days before and after, so watch for something in your life. It will also be interesting to see in anything pops up on the national or international scene. The US elections come to mind.

I suggest you read both your Sun sign and your Rising. Your Sun is you, your personality, your life force. It’s where you shine. Your rising is the visage you show to the world and also how you expect the outside world to behave. Sometimes people find that the rising indicates more what’s going on internally, behind the mask and the Sun, what’s taking place outside, around them. 

In the houses

Taurus and Taurus rising. This will affect you, you personality and who you are as an individual. Also your energy and life force. It can also relate to your image, including brand or style, how you appear to others and also your physical self.

Gemini and Gemini Rising. This Full Moon will take place in the most hidden part of your chart. It relates to your spirit and soul. This house is also associated with prisons, bondage and thus breaking free from our own constraints, either self-fabricated or so deeply internalized they seem our own.

Cancer and Cancer Rising. Think friendships in terms of groups, or a social club or organization and how you fit in. This is also the area of hopes and wishes. You may get sudden insight on what needs to change to make a project happen.

Leo and Leo Rising. Look to your career or the area fo your life where you publicly shine (this does not have to be a job) and are recognized. This is also the place of authority and rule makers (think your boss or organization). It also relates to your mother or mother figure in your life.

Virgo and Virgo Rising. The Full Moon will take place in the part of your chart related to higher education and long journeys both physically (far away places), and in the mind (learning and growing as an individual). It is the place where we explore  ‘other’: religions, cultures, peoples. Again in person or through learning. Something new may suddenly push you to grow.

Libra and Libra Rising. The Full Moon-Uranus conjunction happens in a very private house, related to money you acquire through others: a life-partner, business associate or bank, investment, inheritance, legacy. It’s also the house of the hidden, buried and occult. Because it also includes security and fears, something emotionally deep may surface.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising. Watch for occurrences in the house of one-on-one contractual relationships. A house therefore associated with marriage and contracts binding two individuals. It is also the house of open enemies. Who comes with the spouse but perhaps the ex, the rival, the competition? Whatever comes about will have to do with that relationship.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising. Your job, work–paid and unpaid–will be affected by this Full Moon conjunct Uranus. Any ‘work’ related to daily routines (caring for a parent, for example, or your job as a stay at home parent). Think in terms of ‘obligations’.  It is also related to health and the physical body. It is very much about our everyday physical world.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising. Look to your 5th house. Creativity, pleasure, what you do for fun. It is also the house of romantic relationships,  (non committed ones), affairs and sex. By extension children are here too. It includes games, gambling and speculation.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising. This conjunction will happen in a more private area of your life, where you can be you. It’s related to family. Your family of origin, the one you’ve built, or who you identify as ‘your tribe’. It also includes the home: the place you go to feel safe. This may not be your actual house, but this part of the chart does include real estate. It also represent the father.

Pisces and Pisces Rising. The Full Moon is in your life area of daily communications, trips and environment. It’s our commute, our neighborhood and also siblings. It is learning but not higher education, more grade school or taking a class. It is also writing (though not publishing), letters, email and messages, including rumors and gossip.

Aries and Aries Rising. The Uranus-Moon conjunction takes place in a money house. This is the place of money you earn yourself, as well as skills and talents that potentially allow you to do so. It is a house very much on the physical plane and is concerned with our valuables and our physical comforts. The stuff money can buy.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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