I’ve been a lifelong student of astrology. I chalk it up to my Scorpio Rising, reading Sydney Omarr in the paper, as a child.  Astrology isn’t predictive, you have free will and can do as you please, thank goodness for all of us! But it can be used to target auspicious times for different undertakings. It can also describe a person uncannily well. I hold a level 2 certification from the CAAE, and in these astrology blogs, meant to be a break for my usual topics, I’ll give you an insight into how astrology works and the big themes that astrologers are talking about right now. Note: For ease, I’ve put numeric values as opposed to writing out the numbers.

About Mars and Scorpio

At the end of the month, October 30th,  Mars will move into Scorpio. If you have some strong Virgo placement, that’ll happen at 10:20 a.m. EDT. Just in time for Halloween. This will be fitting because, like Halloween, nothing is as is seems. But masks will fall away and secrets revealed. Mars is in rulership in Scorpio. It is the planet traditionally belonging to that sign. Therefore Mars is very powerful in its own sign. 

I like to call Mars The Motor. He brings energy to whatever sign and house he’s in. Mars is also associated with the soldier or warrior, defending a cause, the hero standing up for others. Mars is tireless. So if you are a Scorpio or Scorpio rising, you’ll personally be getting a boost of energy. Other signs will feel this more in other areas of life.

Scorpio is all about what’s hidden below the surface. Physically, it rules precious gems, plumbing and lingerie. But Scorpio is also about secrets and uncovering truths. Digging down and doing research. Scorpio placements brings an energy to investigate and research. Scorpios especially love to examine why people do what they do or behave as they do. Scorpio loves to research and dive deep below the surface, especially if there’s an emotional component. Watch for secrets to be revealed, for people to be more curious than usual. You may even take a deep dive within and start examining your own secrets.

The Water Signs

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Also the most emotionally deep, because Scorpio does one on one in a very intense way. When I think of Scorpio I see a well: deep water that just keeps going straight down. It’s very focused. You can’t really swim or frolic in a well. You can’t see the bottom, either.

Different from Pisces, who can be imagined as the ocean: a vast expanse of water with no borders. Where exactly does one ocean end and the other begin? It’s all one, right? Where all life is ultimately one, sharing the same ecosystem. Think of the term ‘ocean life’ or ‘marine life’, that’s means all of it. Pisces is everyone, the collective, the ‘we’re all the same and from the same place’. Pisces wants wants to connect from that perspective. 

Cancer would be a warm lagoon, out of which primordial life evolved. As the first of the water signs, Cancer is more self focused. Cancer wants security and nurturing, for self and others. Maybe because it harks back to those first life forms driven to survive, searching for a safe place to thrive. 

Neptune Retrograde Ends

2 days later, December 1st, Neptune’s retrograde ends. Neptune has been in its own sign of Pisces since 2011. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, traditionally associated with Jupiter. Astrologers approach modern and traditional rulers differently. Sometimes shooting one over the other. I like to look to the modern rulers as having more of a generational influence, and the traditional rulers a more personal one.

Regardless, I like to call Neptune the Big Blur. And in Pisces, his ability to cloud and make things seem dreamlike is strong. Neptune also rules escapism, including substances that alter reality. But it’s also soul searching and spirituality. It’s the utopian quest for the greater good.

Mars will trine Neptune, most closely from November 27th to December 1st. This is a good aspect, where they will support each other. This will be a good time to examine what is and what isn’t? Are you being duped somewhere? Does something seem too good to be true? Do you need to take off your rose colored neptunian glasses? It’s the motivation to get to the heart of the matter, even if that’s just with yourself and at the same time see how that fits into the collective. Scorpio energy has a knack for perceiving others feelings, Pisces is intuitive because it relates easily to others. Remember, both are water signs, so this will be at the emotional level.  Trust your gut.

I’m asked if there’s an astrology book out there to learn the basics of  your chart. Understanding the Birth Chart by Kevin Burk is an easy to comprehend and will allow you to explore each placement in your chart. The writing style is engaging and humorous. No dry textbook here.  If you just want to know about you and your future, try Georgia Nicol’s aptly named, You and Your Future. Georgia takes her forecasts to 2025 for all signs. She also has a great sense of humor.  Finally there’s the classic: Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. She takes us through all 12 signs and who they are as a man, woman, a boss or a child. (The links are affiliated and you can learn more here).

Photo by Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash