Venus Retrograde

Firstly, all planets retrograde, except for the Sun and the Moon which are luminaries. Astronomers noticed retrogrades as far back as ancient times, watching planets that were visible to the naked eye. The planets did not rise quite as high in the sky, night after night, sometimes not even passing the horizon, then eventually resuming their usual course. This is caused by their orbits in relation to Earth’s. Sometimes a planet appears to go backwards. Naturally, no planet stops in the sky and begins a reverse course.

Retrogrades are redos and reviews and repeats. Things come up again for re-inspection and reevaluation. Because the planet covers, backtracks, then passes over the same degrees again. There’s a RE theme here. And when a planet is retrograde, its energy is weaker. Don’t count on Jupiter’s beneficial energy during its retrograde. It’s there, but not very strong. Same for Mars’s high energy and go-getter edge.

Venus retrograde ended January 29th. It was over a month long and in the same sign, Capricorn. Venus is now direct but will not catch up to the degree she was before the retrograde started until March 2nd. At that time, she will conjunct Pluto one last time before heading off into Aquarius. More details in this previous blog. Venus conjunct Pluto, again, will have a deep transformative energy to Venus ruled topics: money, relationships, beauty, art. There will be issues of control and power, perhaps to do with money and/or a partner. This can be a last chance or last push energy to transform something in these areas. Maybe a relationship is ended or the balance of power is shifted, once and for all. Pluto is intense and drastic. The end is complete and something new takes it place. But that reborn state has its own challenges. There’s nothing simple with Pluto. But if we can accept change and transformation, it is a powerful energy.

Mercury Retrograde

A Mercury retrograde causes delays and slow-downs with communication, technology, travel and activities related to commerce, such as communication, transportation and technology! Also travel, for people, not just objects.

I had to renew my internet service at the start of the retrograde. For a month now I’ve been struggling with my internet provider. Delays, technicians not showing, equipment that was never delivered. More delays as they looked into the situation. It’s still not over. When Mercury is out of shadow, around the 17th of February, I expect it to all come together.

Mercury is never disastrous. But it’s annoying and time consuming. Mercury retrograde ended February 3rd but allow 2 weeks for it to catch up to it’s original position. Hold off on any tech purchases until then. Also commercial/business contracts. Mercury rules commerce and exchange of goods and services. I had a hard Mercury retrograde last March as well and you can read that here.

The Uranus – Saturn Square

A square is an aspect of tension. Think of the expression, ‘squaring off’. Uranus in Taurus is square Saturn un Aquarius. An aspect that has been on and off since February of 2021. They were in tight aspect since mid-December and at an exact square December 24th 2021. This was a far from ideal energy for a time that is already stressful. The square energy faded mid-January as Uranus retrograded and Saturn moved forward. They will meet up again in October 2022, at an almost perfect square during the first week. Both will be retrograde at this time so expect the energy to be less intense. This will be the last of those squares. Uranus will retrograde again before then end of 2022 and Saturn will move into the last decan of Aquarius, as 2023 will see Saturn move into Pisces for a three year stay.

Uranus is Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign, slow and steady. It is money and valuables and land (always valuable). Astrologers mostly agree Uranus will disrupt our traditional form of currency and how we pay for things and how we make money. I have to wonder if Uranus won’t revolutionize what and how much we possess in terms of tangibles. Where we spend our money, what we consider to be valuable and the value of land-Earth-itself. Perhaps we’ll see a decline in consumerism. People will pay more for services, experiences than objects.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and Uranus is the modern ruler. So this is Saturn feeling at home and free to be himself in his sign. But Uranus is also checking over ‘his’ sign too. Saturn gives Aquarians their analytical mindset. Aquarius is an air sign, after all.

Aquarius is a sign that is focused on social equality and fairness. And their approach is logical and driven by a sense of responsibility for others. Aquarians are also a very forward-thinking and Aquarians can be rebellious. That’s the Uranian energy. Perhaps it’s because no one can see as far down the road as they can. Astrologer Georgia Nicol’s says Aquarians are usually 20 years ahead of their time.

Take for example Lorenzo de’ Medici, born with Venus in Aquarius. Venus: art and beauty. Aquarius: a visionary. Lorenzo De Medici was famous for his patronage of the arts and artists such as Botticelli, Michelangelo and Da Vinci. He supported artists and dined with them as equals. This level of patronage and friendship was unheard of at the time. He understood the importance of the beauty of art, its appeal to all people, through all time. He didn’t keep this for himself, in his house, but rather wanted Florence to be recognized as the center of art. So everyone (Aquarius) could enjoy this beauty (Venus). He knew this would be his legacy (forward thinking).

Saturn in Aquarius is a different energy, though. Saturn is bringing structure and focus, boundaries and slow progress. Change in a slow, logical manner. Uranus wants to rebel against whatever Saturn builds and create something new. It’s an energy pushing for freedom and breaking restraints. Uranus is already at the next phase. He says “Ok, we learned structure and the rules, now let’s break them and take it to a new level.” And do it in a flash of lightning (something Uranus rules). It is a perturbing energy. Astrologers often use the word disruptive. There is an unexpected happening where Uranus is involved.

Uranus-Saturn Events

Astrologers have been focusing on this aspect as indicating difficulties in supply chains and scarcity. Lack, limitations and delay is certainly Saturn’s influence. Uranus disrupts whatever has been established. Taurus is the sign of banking (think the Wall Street Bull), Aquarius the sign of the people. Big money versus all of us? Gain over equality? Inequality for the sake of a bigger market share? You get where this is going. As 2022 begins, you don’t have to be an astrologer to see this, things are getting scarce and cost of living is increasing. It’s been distressing to read this in posts and was one of my concerns in my year-end round up.

Finally, the Freedom Convoy here in Canada is very Uranus square Saturn. Taurus, earth sign, tangible goods, truckers transporting goods over roads (earth). Uranus: disruption and rebellion and nonconformity, demanding equality. Saturn: blocks, restrictions and boundaries. The protestors made blockades with their trucks (restricting street access). They refuse the vaccine passport which they see as discriminatory (inequality among people) and going against the Charter if Rights and Freedoms (Uranus).

Mars Loves Venus

Mars and Venus, astrology couple extraordinaire will come together in the sky on February 13-14. Together they’ll move into March and the sign of Aquarius, Mars slowly pulling ahead by the 19th. More on the next week. Don’t forget both will conjunct Pluto at the beginning of March. Yowza!

Mars and Venus in Real Time

You can see Venus in the sky to the east before sunrise. You can’t miss her, she’s super bright. Mars will be there too now, lower and to the right, as the conjunction looms. It’s worth seeing. Venus is 38 million miles away and we can see her with our eyeballs! This fascinates me. Think of how many humans, over thousands of years have looked up to the sky and seen these two planets. For more, visit my favorite site

Between the retrogrades and the hard Uranus-Saturn square, 2022 should get going by March! If you’ve been feeling stuck and if the new year isn’t quite living up to the promise of new, this is why. Meanwhile, use this energy to review and prepare.

Note: If you have your chart, and want a better understanding of the transits in relation to your natal planets, Rob Hand’s book Planets in Transit is wonderful. The book is divided by planets and the aspects each can make to the others. Also what each planet in each house means. Some transits last many years. Some set-up the future. Planets in Transit is a definite tool for those wanting a better understanding of the energies at play in their chart. 

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