Mercury Retrograde

The latest Mercury retrograde is just over, but we still linger in the shadow period until June 18th when Mercury will be back to the place it was when it started to back up. That’s 4° of Gemini.

Mercury is the messenger and the ground he covers during a retrograde contains a message as he goes exploring and looking for answers. 

The Dates

The dates to remember are April 26th when Mercury passed 26° of Taurus and the end date of June 18th when Mercury will be at 4° of Gemini, his original position when he went retrograde. 

On May 10th,  Mercury hit 4° of Gemini,  stationed retrograde and went back to 26° of Taurus. On June 4th Mercury stationed direct and moved forward, entered Gemini on the 14th and will be back to his original position of 4° Gemini on the 18th. These 7 weeks from 26 April to 18 June will have Gemini and Taurus elements.

Mercury, Gemini and Taurus

Remember Mercury is the messenger.  He conveys information, he’s related to commerce and exchange, creativity and freelance work. He’s at home in Gemini ♊️, an air sign that is very much about thought and communication, either given or received.

Taurus is an earth sign that has everything to do with our wealth and the long-term planning of that. Look for clues in these areas.

Mercury has gone over this ground three times, once forward, once backwards and then forward again. If you felt stuck on a loop,  if things seem to be repeating themselves especially in terms of wealth,  ideas, information and communications surrounding this then there is certainly information to be gained. That’s the point of Mercury’s retrograde: he’s gone back searching for information in order to understand the whole picture.

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Image: Ben White on Unsplash