December Astrology

The December Astrology is up on my YouTube channel.  The Sun will be making several aspects, namely to Mars and the Moon who are conjunct each other on the 7th-8th, at the full Moon. This is in the 3rd house: all our communications. We might see some sort of online warring with words. The Full Moon makes us more emotional and Mars is the god of war. Think moody warrior, not a great combo. We can easily feel slighted and be quick to speak up and defend ourselves.

Sun Squares

The Sun will square Neptune and Jupiter. When the Sun squares Neptune, from the 12th to the 16th, this is a challenge to our individuality. Neptune likes to blur boundaries. The Sun will be in the 10th house where we want to find success in whatever we do (career or other pursuits), but Neptune in Pisces refutes individuality and wants us to put others first. Neptune’s message is ‘Forget your personal ego related stuff, we’re all one. Don’t be an individual!’ Somewhat of a clash when you are trying to climb the ladder of success.

Then the Sun will square Jupiter, from the 19th to the 24th, as both change signs. We may have an idea or solution that takes on gigantic proportions. Try to keep it real and grounded. Make a plan. Remember the Sun is a flaming ball of gas and Jupiter is the biggest planet of our solar system, but he is all gas. This is tremendous energy, but it can blow up out of proportion. In a general way, this square has to do with our inner self and beliefs (12th house, Pisces), our individuality, and identity in terms of personality and physical appearance (1st house Aries) in relation to learning, foreign travels or people, publishing, legal matters (9th house)  and where we want success (10th house). Jupiter also brings wisdom, so perhaps we are trying to fit who we are into the bigger picture. The 10th is also those in authority. Maybe bosses, people in authority or people who have influence are coming up against your strong (Jupiter amplifying) sense of self (1st house).

Sun in Capricorn

On the 21st the Sun moves into Capricorn. In general, this is a focus on wanting more success. It can be career, or, if you don’t work, or aren’t interested in climbing the job ladder, it is anywhere else you want to do well. And usually this involves a series of levels. Because the 10th pertains to hierarchies. Especially the government. Or social hierarchies. In the public sphere, we may see more focus on who is at the top, who has power. This will be amplified by the square to Jupiter. This can even be one individual (Aries, the self) against a government structure or power structure (Capricorn, the 10th)

Into 2023

My next video to drop in a week is all about the first 3 months of 2023. Planets will changes signs and houses and there is quite an energy shift, especially in March 2023. For most astrologers, the focus is on March, when some cycles wrap up and we will feel an end in one area and a beginning in another.

Watch the December videos to see where and how that affects you in relation to you Sun sign and Rising. Also, the video on Black Moon Lilith, my most popular recent video, with over 1.1K views. The blog is here and the video below. Have a wonderful month!

Image for this blog: Ib Wira Dyatmika on Unsplash

Image for Black Moon Lilith: Sabine Mondestin on Pixabay