May 2023 Astrology

May’s astrology sees Jupiter moving into Taurus, the sign of wealth and money, for one whole year. There is also the second eclipse of the season and Mercury is retrograde to mid-month but still in shadow to the end. My YouTube videos for each sign are up. Watch for your Sun and Rising.


Jupiter arrives in Taurus on May 16th to stay for one year. Despite the Retrograde (September 4th to December 30th, from 15 degrees of Taurus back to 5 degrees), Jupiter will remain in Taurus, the sign of the banker and the farmer. Jupiter is optimism and expansion. This is in relation to our money, our wealth and what we invest in. What we wait to harvest. It’s about the long game with Taurus. Slow and steady wins the race. Also look to where Jupiter is in your natal chart. This is where you can make great advancements. 

Could this, collectively, be a sagacity regarding what wealth represents or is represented by? With Taurus there’s always the potential for our things owning us rather than we owning our things. Over-identifying through what we have. Being (we think) happy or confident because of what we possess. At the same time, it will be enjoying what pleases the senses. There’s a hedonism with Jupiter in Taurus, a planet that relates to the 5 senses, that is sensual and tactile. We want more of what tastes good and feels nice and pleases the eye. It’s Taurean creature comforts that do not have to be ostentatious or flashy (that’s more a Leo thing) or mark status (that’s more a Capricorn thing).

But Jupiter also relates to philosophy and wisdom. He can also bring people to help us as well. Jupiter brings solutions but with a learning component. We grow as we pursue the opportunities Jupiter provides. 

Sun-Uranus Conjunction

Don’t worry, Jupiter will not conjunct Uranus, the unpredictable and rebellious disruptor, until 2024. However the Sun will conjunct Uranus from the 7th to the 12th. Upheavals are possible. Unpredicted financial events. The Sun represents a man in authority, with power. He could be the cause or the recipient of the disruption. My astrology lessons say between the ages of 35-45  (my astrology lessons were precise).


The ruler of Gemini and Virgo, trickster of the zodiac, goes direct on May 14th but is not out of post-retrograde shadow until the 31st. Continue to avoid Mercury related actions such as buying cell phones and laptops or wrist worn devices. Also ground transportation. Mercury rules commerce, so commercial agreements can come undone as communications are fuddled and Mercury is on a loop. Things will be repeated, details will change. There will be a take 2 and 3.

Mercury remains in Taurus until June 11th, then ingresses into Gemini, his home sign. Mercury talks and thinks at the speed of light in Gemini. It’s an energy that is curious and likes to examine different ideas, comparing them. We’ll all be communicating more, in person or online. And just be more curious about our surroundings. We may have an increased interest to take short trips, for a day or a weekend. The downside of Mercury in Gemini is constantly accumulating data but never doing anything with it. Take heed of doing a lot of discussing and thinking but not having it lead anywhere. Like shopping for an item, comparing prices, brands, models, doing research, but never actually making the purchase (oy vey, I can name names).

 Lunar Eclipse

Finally, let’s not forget the Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees of Scorpio on May 5th. This is the second to last eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis as the Nodes of the Moon shift to the Aries-Libra axis. I have 2 videos on that. They are about Natal Nodal placements and The North Node moving into Aries. 

Eclipses eclipse something or someone out. Decisions and significant choices or actions should be avoided around an eclipse. There is a blind spot; information is hidden. There’s something going on in shadow. Lunar eclipses are said to be a hidden ending, or something coming full circle. Closure. But we don’t see it yet. The focus is in one place but the real story is elsewhere. And it may take a long time, but when what is hidden come to light the astrology will line up. Watch for aspect between planets at 14 degrees, especially tying into Scorpio 14 degrees. 

Needless to say, astrologers, yours truly included, are intrigued that His Majesty King Charles III would choose the day after an eclipse for his coronation. And only 15 days after the previous one on April 20th. It has the energy of an end already beginning in the shadows. 

We all have free will and willpower. But this timing will not make things easy. We will see. Charles is a 22 degree Scorpio Sun with Neptune in Libra at 14 degrees. 

If you have your chart, see if you have any planets at 14 degrees of any sign. This eclipse could affect you more. Keep your eyes peeled, as my mother used to say.

The Sun, Mars and Pluto

Mars arrives in Leo on the 20th, the Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st. Pluto is in Aquarius. All are at 0 degrees. Mars in Leo opposes Pluto in Aquarius. As all oppositions there is a quest for balance. Leo is about self, but unlike Aries, is starting to explore self in terms of impact on the group. Yes, we have to be ourselves. “I gotta be me!” is Leo’s tagline. But when do we stop sticking out and meld into the mass, in the name of the greater good?Aquarius is all about the group, and everyone being equal. No room for the individual. Both extremes are undesirable.

The Sun is sextile Mars: a harmonious relationship. And trine Pluto, an even more flowing relationship. So the Sun is sending energy to both, but it comes a little easier for Pluto.

Mars has drive and stands up for what he believes is right. Mars can be confrontational but in Leo, is wrapped in charm. Leo is still concerned with identity and self expression but Mars gets toned down a bit because Leo is exploring this self in relation to those around them. Royal Leo, is associated with the 5th house, related children and everything to do with the next generation. Also sex and romance. There’s a lot of fun and pleasure in the 5th. The downside of Leo is too much me, me, me.

Pluto is in social equality focused Aquarius. A sign with future vision and one not prone to individuality. It’s all about the group, not the individual. This extreme is no better.  Pluto can being power struggles and on its 20 years transit through Aquarius will show us the shadow side of forgetting that the group cannot erase the individual. This lasts a day, then the Sun and Mars shift degrees. But it’s an interesting mash up and something arise. Pluto remains at 0 degrees Aquarius but will be going back to Capricorn in June.

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