Jupiter in Taurus: May 2023-May 2024

Jupiter arrives in Taurus on May 16th of 2023 and stays for 1 year, as he does in each sign. This means we get Jupiter’s blessings in each area of life only once every 12 years. Astrology is all about energy and making the most of it. If you know where Jupiter is, you know where to focus. He leaves on May 25th 2024 and, despite retrograding will remain in Taurus for that whole year without interruption. My Jupiter in Taurus video is here. It already has 5000 views. As does the Pluto in Aquarius video (that’s a 20 year transit). Many thanks to all of you who watched, liked and subscribed. I am truly grateful.

Jupiter in Mythology

In mythology, Jupiter was the child of Saturn and Ops and his siblings were Pluto, Neptune, Ceres, Juno and Vesta. Saturn devoured his children because he was told one of them would overthrow him. When Jupiter was born his mother hid him and he eventually triumphed over his father and freed his siblings. In Saturn defense, he also had a bad relationship with his father, who was Uranus.

Ceres and Jupiter, had a daughter: Proserpina. Pluto married her after Jupiter agreed to it. However, Proserpina was not on-board with the plan, so Pluto abducted her to his kingdom. So Jupiter had a child with his sister and let her uncle, his brother, marry her. Oh, those gods!

In Greek mythology Jupiter is Zeus. And as the Greek gods proceeded the Roman ones, they would have modeled Jupiter on Zeus, as he was the King of the gods in Greek mythology.

Jupiter: God of Gods

Jupiter comes from the word djous meaning sky and pater meaning father. He was the god of the sky. The Romans called Jupiter, Jupiter Optimus Maximus: optimal, maximum. He was the best and the biggest. The Grand Poobah (I’ve probably seen every episode of the Flintstones, at least twice). He is also called Jove,  from where we get jovial.

Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is the greater benefic in astrology. The most beneficial planet. Jupiter brings blessings, opportunities and solutions. Also, sometimes, just plain old luck.

Because he is so beneficial, and named after the largest planet in our solar system, he is associated with expansion, growth and bringing in more. He is prosperity and good fortune in any undertaking.

Jupiter is also related to wisdom, philosophy religion and legal matters. He is the ruler of Sagittarius and associated with the 9th house, which is all about what is foreign to us. Such as long distance travel, higher education, foreigners.

Jupiter brings blessings but also knowledge. He wants to make us wiser, broaden our horizons and give us a wider concept of life. I call Jupiter the planet of mind expansion.

Is there anything bad about Jupiter? There’s always the danger of these opportunities passing us by. Remember Jupiter is, astronomically, all gas. His good fortune can pass us over like hot air if we don’t do anything with it.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus is about money and land. Taurus is the farmer and banker of the zodiac. Taurus is stability and taking time to let things grow and come to fruition. Could that be more money for all of us? It sounds strange as we are hovering on a recession. But it could also be saving more money. Maybe we’ll be wiser with where our money goes. With Pluto in Aquarius, there’s a power to the people vibe. Remember Jupiter will square Pluto the first week of his arrival in Taurus. This could be us just not spending on things we deem too expensive. Using our wallets to protest because we are feeling there is inequality or exploitation. Aquarius is all about fairness and equality.

Maybe we’ll be more focused on land, how it is used. Perhaps we’ll think of owning some or just having a small space for growing some of our own produce.

Jupiter in Taurus is also more enjoyment of the good things. Taurus is an earth sign, known as sensual and tactile. This is good food, surroundings that look nice and things that feel nice. We like creature comforts in Taurus. Astrologer Georgia Nicols says Taurus’ like good food, good wine, good sex and a nice place to live.

Jupiter for Each Sign

My video for Jupiter in Taurus, sign by sign is up and can be found here. Watch for your Sun and Rising. Use this energy well, because it returns only in 12 years. Blessings.

Image:  Andre Furtado on Unsplash