September 2023 Astrology

September sees Venus finally coming out of Retrograde, but still in shadow, Mercury going in, putting us in the thick of retrograde season. The videos for each sign are up and you can find them on my YouTube channel.


Venus finally stations direct on September 3rd but is still in post-retrograde shadow until October 7th. That means the cycle is not complete and nothing is set yet. People can still come back in, or go out, and relationship reviews are not completely wrapped up. Remember Venus is all about relationships. It can mean a person coming back into the picture or a deep review of relationships. August’s astrology blog goes into more detail, including overall things to avoid during a Venus retrograde.

Venus in Leo evaluates from a subjective perspective. There’s a question of self-identity within the relationships. Am I getting to be me? You may have witnessed long term relationships hit the rocks and/or fall apart, or this may have been you. This happened around me. People who have been together for decades. Fortunately things seem to be on the mend. In the public sphere, Canada’s Prime Minister and his wife officially announced their separation. Even without it involving another person, depending on where it falls in your chart, you can have been taking the deep dive in exploring how you shine or how you disappear in relationships. I have a video on Venus retrograde, sign by sign. This can be useful as Venus is still in shadow all of September.


Jupiter will station retrograde on September 4th. Look back to June 9th, the start of this cycle, for opportunities that were missed, or we just did not pick up on. Jupiter has been in Taurus only since May and until May of 2024. So Jupiter is backing up almost to the start of his arrival in the sign of the Bull. I blogged on Jupiter’s 1 year stay and there’s a link to the video there as well. Where Jupiter is in your chart is where you will find luck, opportunities and solutions. He is the greater benefic, the best of the best.

Jupiter and Venus will square from the 11th to the 22nd. This is big energy, and favorable. Opportunities may arise, especially through or with the help of others.

Retrograde Season

Speaking of which, retrograde seasons upon us. By September all planets will be retrograde or in shadow, except for Mars who will not retrograde in 2023. This video has all the dates, including pre and post shadow so you can understand the whole cycle and perhaps look for clues about what has come up for review or is calling your attention.

Full Moon in Aries

The full Moon is on the 29th. The full moons are moving to end of month, having been in the early days of each month until now. This opposition to the Sun in Libra is about self and our significant other. This also includes business partners or other close, committed relationships. It’s who is across from us, across the table or across the bed. The competition can fall here too as well as exes. A mentor or mentoree is another example.

This self/other see-saw is reinforced by the nodes of the Moon on the Aries-Libra axis into 2025. The full Moon highlights something and/or can bring closure.

The Sun

The Sun is in Virgo until the 23rd. Virgo is health, lifestyle and routines. All with an eye for detail and systems that work. This is back to school, back to work energy. Classes, courses, activities begin again. Maybe you have a lunch prep menu for the week (a system) to eat healthier. We get back to it after the days of summer that saw us on vacation, keeping odds hours perhaps, indulging (hey, it was Leo season!). We’re-establishing our routines, and making resolutions. 

On the 23rd, the Sun moves into Libra, the sign of balance. Libra relates to the Justice card in tarot. It’s about rebalancing the scales, fairness, and the idea of consequences to actions, good or bad. It is related to the 7th house: self and other, probably the ultimate balancing act! Libra is social and likes to hear different takes of the same thing. We may start to see something from another perspective.


Mercury stationed retrograde August 23rd and goes direct again September 15th. But the whole cycle covers August 4th to September 30th. Communications get mixed up. People don’t understand what we meant. We have to start over, redo, replan, revise. With a lot of attention to detail.

Remember this is not a good time to but laptops, tablets, cellphones or cars or bikes. Mercury was the messenger in mythology, and traveled by foot. So communications and ground transportation, also travel, is hampered. Mercury also related to commerce, so if you do enter into a commercial agreement check all the details. Ideally try to hold off to the end of the month.


Mars moved into Libra on August 27th and will be there all of September. Only in October will Mars ingress into Scorpio. So both Mars and the Sun will be there together for about 3 weeks. Mars is the motor, and says “Let’s do something!”. The Sun is energy and focus. In one area you will be noticing more, checking and doing something about it.

Mars will sextile Venus, now direct. This is nice energy that does not require much work or searching to benefit from. It’s the iron fist in the velvet glove. If you have something to say or do, that requires assertiveness, this is a good time. If it has you worrying about the fall-out and not everyone being happy, but you have to speak your truth or get what you need, or just do you, Mars give you the confidence and Venus wraps it in a sugar-coating.

Fall 2023

Overall there’s been a lot of self in relation to others energy. It has come up in one way or another and has, at least in my experience, taken a significant amount of energy and thought. It’s been preoccupying, to say the least. And the retrospective energy of the retrogrades is slowing things down. This is not the time to launch or start things, it’s time to review and wrap up, fine tune and test. Time to take fall walks, deep breaths, and enjoy. Be well.

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