October 2023 Astrology

October Astrology is up on my YouTube for all signs. The eclipse are back, as they happen around an equinox. A solar eclipse in Libra, the second on the Aries-Libra axis that began in April just before the nodes changed signs in July. Then a Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month on the 28th in Taurus at 4:14 pm at 5 degrees 09′ of Taurus.

There is a lot of energy in Libra, a sign of balance and justice. The Sun, Mercury, the south Node and New Moon (Solar) eclipse on the 14th. Libra is about seeing both sides and fairness. Libra is also associated with the 7th house of partnerships, that person across from us, the bedroom, the boardroom or even an ex.

Eclipses: Endings and Beginnings

Eclipses are powerful change elements. Possible even the most powerful. They bring endings (Lunar) and beginnings (Solar). But things are hidden and the real story is taking place in darkness. Something or someone can be eclipsed out but it takes place in shadow. The story can reveal itself over the course of the eclipses on the same axis. Endings and beginnings, bringing change, clearing out an old energy in order to usher in a new one. We are in that time of change. The nodes left the Taurus-Scorpio axis on July 18th for Aries-Libra.

The Lunar eclipse on the 28th in Taurus (5 degrees, 9′) is the last of that cycle. It is ending. The Solar eclipse on the 14 at 1:59 pm, in Libra (21 degrees, 8′) is the second on the new nodal axis. This is beginning. The first was April 20th in Aries, with the nodes still on Taurus-Scorpio. So look back 1 1/2 years for clues. Even 18 1/2-19 to the last cycle.

Wondering how you are affected? What your overarching karmic life lesson is in relation to your natal node? I have 2 videos on that. One on the Aries-Libra shift and one on Natal Nodal Placement.


Mercury completes its retrograde cycle on September 30th and joins the Sun in Libra on the 4th of October. Our communications and thoughts will have balance and we will look at both sides. Venus ruled Libra will be better with Venus retrograde cycle ending October 7th.

The Sun

The Sun has been in Libra since September 23rd, there for a month. The focus shifts to our one-on-one partnerships. Including the opposition.Who is across from us? How much are we putting in and getting out? Again the focus is on balance and fairness.

The nodes in the backdrop, in Aries (self) and Libra (self and other), echo this, having us examining partnership from the view of self. This is North Node in Aries, so we are making  sure we don’t forget ourselves in the partnership. ‘What have you done for me lately’, as the Janet Jackson song goes. Some relationships will meet expectations. some won’t.


Venus completes the whole Retrograde cycle October 7th and moves into Virgo on the 8th. This was also relationship reviews, romantic, work, family, even without involving others we could have examined how we do relationships. Did you see any relationships hit the rocks? I can think of 2, one that was decades old. And most famously, our PM, Justin Trudeau, and his wife, who officially called it quits after 18 years of marriage.

Here are the dates to help see what the story was focusing on. Watch my video for what areas of life this was happening for you. Remember, a retrograde period is like backing up over s stretch of road. We see the same scenery a total of 3 times. So we should notice something.

Pre-retrograde shadow (the first pass):  June 18th-July 22nd: 12 to 28 degrees. The start of the whole cycle.

Retrograde: July 22-September 3rd, 28 to 12 degrees.

Post-retrograde shadow (final pass):  June 18th-July 22nd-October 7th, 12 to 28 degrees.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo expresses caring through being helpful in a practical way. Like offering to pick up something from the store because they are already going that way. But Virgo also has an eye for detail and likes perfecting things. So the romance bar is high with Venus in Virgo. 

Venus opposed Saturn

The Venus-Saturn opposition is exact on the 10th, but mark off the 8th to the 12th were feeling of loneliness, isolation and disconnection are very possible. Venus rules relationships and money. These get viewed through the cold, harsh, judgmental lens of Saturn.

Obstacles may loom larger than they are. The work to reach a goal will feel overwhelming. Relations will feel distant. Money will see lacking.

Saturn is great for structure and a reality check. But in opposition, things are a little skewed. Wait until it passes, it is a relatively short transit.  My video, sign by sign, with timestamps, is up on my channel.

Into November: Mars and Scorpio Energy

The energy will shift to Scorpio with Mars, its traditional ruler, arriving on the 12th, Mercury on the 22nd and the Sun moving into that sign on the 23rd of October. Mars in Scorpio is active but looking below the surface, doing research and investigating. Mars in Scorpio is going to get to the bottom of things!

Thankfully the personal planets are all direct now. Jupiter  and Saturn are still Retrograde as well as Uranus and Neptune. Pluto will station direct on the 10th but will remain in Capricorn until the end of 2023. The plutonian energy feels more intense as he wraps up in Capricorn and continues his 2 year transit into Aquarius. You can find the blog here and the video here. It’s a 20 year stay in the sign of the water bearer!

Happy Halloween, I love October!

Image: Saeed Karimi on Unsplash