November 2023 Astrology for All Signs

November 2023 astrology forecast videos for each of the 12 signs are up on my YouTube. They run about 20 minutes. You can get there from here.

We find Mars, Mercury, the Sun and a New Moon in Scorpio. With Mars, at home in Scorpio, we are uncovering, going deep and exploring behind the facade. The Sun sheds light and Mercury has us thinking about how to make sense of it all. The New Moon can mean a new start: we can’t unsee or unknow what we’ve discovered.  They will all oppose Uranus, the Great Disruptor. We’re searching, probing, uncovering, changing and breaking away or or breaking free.

Then Mars, Mercury and the Sun will square Saturn as they move into Sagittarius around the 22nd of November. Feelings of being restricted, slowed down and unable to express ourselves. The Full Moon on the 27th , in Gemini, will also square Saturn. A full Moon increases emotions, added to this we feel emotionally stifled or not validated with Saturn’s stern energy. By the end of the month, that energy has dissipated.

November General Astrology: Watch for Money Trails (and ties) Revealed

We find Mars, Mercury, the Sun and a New Moon in Scorpio in the 8th house. Mars is in rulership in Scorpio. Mars’ energy is turned it towards uncovering and looking below the surface. The 8th house is other people’s money we benefit from, in other words: financing. Scorpio is a secretive sign and rules what is hidden, from gems to plumbing to lingerie.

We may see the uncovering of a hidden money trail. Financing no one knows about that shows a tie between 2 parties (Scorpio is about connection). Mars will be investigating, the Sun is the flashlight and Mercury is examining all this, putting the pieces together. The New Moon can mark a turning point. They will all oppose Uranus, the great disruptor in Taurus, related to banks, stocks and the markets. Uranus is rebellious and dislikes structure and the status quo.

Pluto is in fellow earth sign Capricorn, grinding down on the last degrees. The message is about power and control in the area of governments and social structures and hierarchies. It’s the pyramid and who is at the top. What is being uncovered and disrupted, money wise, have a tie-in.


Scorpio, it’s your birthday month and there’s quite a line-up in your sign, in your 1st house. This is all about you, your individuality, what makes you, you. It’s also how others see you if you are a Scorpio Sun or reflect inner workings if this is your Rising. Mars, your traditional ruler, Mercury, the Sun and a New Moon are there. All opposite Uranus! Mars will be searching and probing in your sign where he is at home. What he uncovers can bring a turning point with the New Moon. All these planets will oppose the Great Disruptor: Uranus.


Sagittarius, this is your New Year’s Eve before the start of your birthday month at the end of November, and it is a particularly reflective period for you. There’s quite a line-up in this private, inner-self part of your chart: Mars, Mercury, the Sun and a New Moon. Mars is at home in Scorpio and will search to uncover secrets, perhaps subconscious patterns. The Sun is lighting this area up. All these planets will oppose, and trigger the planet of disruptive and unforeseen events: Uranus! You may finally recognize an inner pattern and want to free yourself from it as it is not serving you.


Capricorn, you have Pluto scraping along the last degrees of your sign, really bringing home his lessons of power and control. You could be feeling you are being especially challenged lately. It’s been a long and formative 16 years! Pluto leaves in January, almost for good. He’ll do one quick last return next September in your sign. There are also 4 planets in your area of friends, teams, groups and organizations. With Mars there, at home in Scorpio, you could be examining the dynamics of a group, peering behind the scenes and uncovering something hidden or secret. Scorpio is all about emotional connection. Who is really tight with who?


Aquarius, the New Moon is in your area of success, along with Mars and the Sun. Mars is at home in Scorpio, so very much his energetic, focused self. Mars in Scorpio wants to get to the bottom of things. The Sun is a big spotlight but also shining on you like a stage light. Superiors, supervisors and bosses will notice you more now. The New Moon may mark a turning point. You may really be looking beneath the surface: power plays, the true meaning, measure and cost of success, unearthing what’s really going on. All these planets will oppose the Great Disruptor: Uranus who will push you to break free from structure and too many rules and obligations. Uranus is your modern ruler and is rebellious. That Aquarian need for freedom will be felt now.


Pisces, you’ve had your modern ruler, Neptune in your sign for years (since 2011)! This is self through Neptune’s blur.  How you see yourself is not how others see you. What you try to project and what others see is not the same. It’s trying to be seen through the water: it’s unclear and distorted. Neptune was the god of the sea. Saturn arrived this year for the first time in 30 years. Saturn will bring form and structure to your identity, you sense of self, your individuality and your public self if you are Pisces Sun. He is coming out of retrograde, and is going to square Mercury, Mars, the Sun and the Full Moon this month. Saturn is restrictive and will provide a reality check.


Aries, your ruler Mars is in Scorpio where he is in rulership as well. You will be extra energetic with your ruler in such a favorable place. Mars is with Mercury, the Sun and the New Moon, in your area or wealth that comes to you through others. Loans, mortgages, legacies and debt. Something will be uncovered and with all this energy opposed unpredictable Uranus in the area of your wealth and income, there can be a marked break. Something is very likely to change with finances. Uranus wants us to break free.


Taurus, there’s quite a line-up across from you, in your area of partnerships: Mars, Mercury, the Sun and a New Moon. Mars will be searching and probing, and you can be looking deeply into the dynamics of partnerships or even between you and exes or rivals. What is uncovered can bring a turning point with the New Moon. But ultimately it’s also very much about you, as all these planets will oppose the Great Disruptor: Uranus, sitting in your sign. There may be the need to redefine self and inevitably, self within a partnership.


Gemini, Venus arrives in Libra in your 5th house at the beginning of the month on the 8th. Venus is at home in Libra and in her Joy in the 5th house. This is marvelous energy for romance, having fun, spending time with children and expressing ourselves creatively. But the Full Moon is in your sign at the end of the month, squaring Saturn. You will have a tendency to filter everything through a subjective emotional lens. (“But what about how I feel?”) Emotions will increase but not feel validated at the same time. Avoid getting caught up in this from the 23rd to December 1st. And make the most of Venus!


Cancer, Mars, Mercury and the Sun will arrive in your area of work, other jobs and responsibilites and your physical health, starting with Mercury on the 10th. There is an idea of service with the 6th house. There will be a Full Moon across, in your house related to your inner self and mental health. There’s a need for balance between work demands and time for self, but Saturn is squaring both houses and bringing restrictions, a feeling of not being able to speak out, be one’s self or be emotionally validated. These house are not the easiest in the chart. There’s a lot of back and forth between inner self, beliefs and how you show up for others.


Leo, you may be deeply exploring family ties this month and even uncovering secrets or dynamics you did not notice before. this can be original family or family of choice. It also refers to our physical residence, homeland, region or country. With Mars, Mercury and the Sun there there is definitely a big focus on this area. Added to that a New Moon marking a turning point or even breaking away. This can be throwing off a tradition or family rule or even physically leaving. Because all these planets will oppose the Great Disruptor: Uranus. Uranus wants freedom from restraint, what cramps our style. Something you, Leo, a sign that needs to express your self identity can certainly relate to.


Virgo, you have lovely Venus in your house of wealth and income. Venus is the lesser benefic in astrology and rules money. She will be in rulership in Libra but Venus also relates to the second house as she is also the ruler of Taurus. So this is a wonderful time for making or saving money. You may even come across a windfall or you may also feel the urge to but a lovely luxury item. Others will be drawn to you and be wanting to help. Just ask.

There is also your ruler Mercury with Mars and the Sun in your area of communications. You may be looking deeply into your style of expressing yourself or your inner dialogue: how do you talk to yourself?


Libra, you have fair Venus, your ruler, in your sign all month. You are very much your charming and sociable self. Social outings and invitations may increase. Romance is possible if you are looking.  Venus can also have you spending on yourself, especially related to appearance if you are a Libra Sun.

There is a also gaggle of planets in your sector of wealth and income, all opposed Uranus in your area of loans, mortgages and debt. Great Disruptor: Uranus. There’s a turning point and a desire to break away. Maybe more financial independence?


I change up the format this month, going sign by sign rather than planet by planet. Which do you like best? And don’t forget, the extended forecast is on my channel. You can find all my astrology blogs and info here. Have a wonderful month and a very Happy Thanksgiving to my friends south of the border. Take care,

Image: Mike Kotsch on Unsplash