Tutti Frutti – Original Art – 48×36


2019.  Acrylic, polymer on canvas.

Height: 48″  Width:36″ Depth: 1.5″

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In this wayTutti Frutti – Original Art

2019.  Acrylic, polymer on canvas.

Height: 48″  Width:36″ Depth: 1.5″

I never really know how a piece is going to turn out. I love color and believe in its effect on our mood. I play, letting the paint do its thing, then respond in turn. In that manner, a dialogue is created between me and what’s happening on the canvas. This became a colorful explosion that can almost be tasted.

All my works are one of a kind. I do not reproduce in any form. Shipping available in Canada only. Ships in a crate. Weight does not reflect shipping weight. All other locations please visit Saatchi Art 

Any questions? Please contact me at: enquiries-at-rosemarymichel-dot-com

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Dimensions 42 × 7.5 × 54 in


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