Set a goal that’s clear

So let’s talk little more about manifesting and the importance of clear goals. If you don’t believe in any of that, let’s just say we’ll talk about goal setting. Because it’s the same thing.

First, write down what you want. The object, the outcome, the habit, you name it. Write it down. “Oh, I know what I want. I don’t need to put it on paper.” Yes, you do. You have to do this step and here’s why.

Putting it on paper is important

In your mind what you want is a concept, an idea, a series of images and emotions. Articulating it into words makes it clearer. You should be able to read something that makes sense. For example, in your mind what you want may appear as a vision of your fine self, dancing down the street in tap shoes, money flying from your pockets, as you laugh, without a worry in the world.

But what is that? You got the job at Giggles&Cash? You got your first acting role? You’ve moved to the big city to become a full time street performer? You’ve quit worrying, forever? You are no longer haunted by that terrible tap dancing recital accident?

Clearly state what you want. And do so for two reasons. The first is to make sure that your goal is not a step on your way to your final result. In other words, is what you are aiming for truly what you want or is it something that think will insure you reach your goal?

The second is you want to repeat the same clear message to yourself. If your formulation varies the message won’t be clear.

Rules for writing

One step goal. Don’t write: I get a better job (underlying reason: because I want more money. Write: I have more money. 

In the present. Don’t write: I’m will find a better job. Write: I have a better job. 

Use the affirmative.  Don’t write: I am not working at B&S anymore. Write: I have a new job. 

Use short phrases. You can add a few parameters to you goal phrase, but don’t micromanage. Don’t go too specific. Names and numbers should be avoided. Don’t write: I have a new job at X&O. I am in charge of sorting paperclips. I make X a year. Write: I have a new job. It pays more than my last job. The work is less stressful. 

The first has you managing details. Doing too much fine-tuning. Don’t box-in you subconscious. It may give you something much better than sorting paperclips at X&O. Maybe you will make less than your dream salary but there are perks you can’t overlook, that may cover other expenses.

Manifesting my first house

Here’s what I used to get my first house: I own a house. The maximum price I pay is X. It is in good condition. Any repairs are minimal. It is a half hour commute to work at the most.

My budget was tight and my price range was narrow. I looked at a lot of houses, but nothing worked out and I had resigned myself to renewing my lease. It was less than a week away from the renewal deadline when my agent called me to say she had just received two faxes, from two different agents, each doing a last minute blitz to try to sell their client’s house. They had reduced their asking price. We visited both and I bought the second one we saw. The price was perfect. I know I said to avoid numbers. In this case, I  did write a number because it was unavoidable. But I did not limit the value of the house, just what I could afford. My bank actually evaluated it higher than the asking price, giving me a better deal. There were no major repairs or surprises. It was half an hour to work.

No micromanaging

If there are two or more steps in your goal setting, you are micromanaging the whole process. That won’t work.  Get clear on the what, don’t worry about the how.

Let us use a dentist analogy. You ask your dentist to fix your tooth and then let them work. You don’t try to help by, let’s say, freezing yourself or doing some of the drilling. Right? Same thing, don’t put in details or steps. Don’t give your subconscious an itinerary. It’ll find its own.

A good test is to ask yourself Why? at the end of your goal sentence. If your goal is to find a second job and your answer to Why? is “to pay tuition”, that’s not your final goal. If the goal is to be able to pay your tuition and the answer to Why? is “because I want to be a nurse”, then that’s not your final goal either. If you answer to why you want to become a nurse is “because I want to be a nurse”, then that’s your goal. Write that down!

This is the first step in manifesting and it’s an important one. I’ve written many manifestations and this is not as easy as it sounds, but well worth the time and effort. Once you’re done you’ll have a clear objective, and more importantly so will your subconscious mind.

Next up

Have any questions? Let me know for the next manifestation post on how it works. Is it my subconscious? The Universe? Both? Can I manifest for someone else? How long should I keep repeating my intention? Let me know your questions.

Photo by Fabrice Villard on Unsplash