Build on past Success to Better Manifest

Building confidence in manifesting is one of the ways I try to better my ability to manifest (or reach my objectives). Other than being clear and not micromanaging the process, keeping track of what has worked so far give me the confidence I can do it again. Usually I write it in my journal with the word manifestation highlighted, so I can find it again. There’s no search function here, my journal is on paper, not an app, because I’m a little paranoid. Although reading would probably cure anyone of insomnia. But I digress.

When you reread your successes, it reinforces your belief in the process and yourself.  I have to remind myself not to micromanage. That doesn’t mean lying on the couch either, just waiting for something to happen. It’s a fine line, I admit. Also, it’s important to be open to how it will come to you. Usually things manifest in a way we could never have predicted. Thus the reason to not manage every detail, because you will miss the opportunity when it passes. You won’t see it because you’ll be too focused elsewhere.

Go for the Gold

And since we’re building confidence, it doesn’t hurt to think big. It’s the same process. But often we’ll start to lose confidence. We’ll think That’s too much to ask for, it can’t happen.  How could it possibly come about? That’s not your problem. Believing and instilling a process, being open to what comes along, is. When you feel unsure, reread what manifestations worked to boost your confidence in your ability.

House Manifestation

My plan to relocate had been in the works for a while. I knew it would coincide with leaving my job, and being able to write full time. I began to get clear on what I wanted in a house. Not too many details. I stuck to recent and huge garage. You can add more details, but I’ve found it makes the process harder. The subconscious needs clarity. By default it’ll try for close enough or, if overloaded, not at all.

Doubt showed up pretty quickly. A big garage? You’ll be out in a rural area. You can’t afford that otherwise. And new houses are sooooo expensive. Good luck. 

Yes, I thought I was pushing it. But I wrote out my affirmation anyway. The voice of doubt had a point. Large garages are usually on rural properties to accommodate equipment, or on luxury estates. And I wanted a newer house. A renovation project was not in our plans. How would I ever find that, much less be able to afford it. But hey, I’d done it before, I could do it again.

How it Happened

So I wrote it out, repeated it and  visualized, tapping into the feeling of being there, of how happy and grateful I was. I continued to look, widening my search to other towns and cities than where I’d originally planned to buy. I practiced staying open to the possibility, even if my logical brain would point out that there was no way I would get what I wanted.

Then, in one of those small windows of opportunity, a house came on the market. It was affordable and met my criteria. The house had manifested! I trusted the process, I trusted the result I was given, and made the move. It was scary, I’ll admit. I was moving to a city four hours further than the original city I’d targeted. I’d never visited the place, much less lived here. I worried I wake up and wonder what the heck I’d been thinking all along. But, that all has to do with confidence in manifesting too. I reminded myself to trust what shows up and how it arrives. Don’t turn it down because it didn’t happen the way you thought it would.

Oprah Inspiration

There are two Oprah videos I re-listen to when I need extra confidence manifesting, when I need to hear someone else reinforce that it works, regardless of size. I’ll link them below. Oprah says she’s a major manifester. I strive to be as confident.

In the other she talks about getting her role in The Color Purple. A role that won her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. How she continued to believe, despite the setbacks. Despite being turned down outright. It’s belief in the process and nothing or no one else. Because it does not fit with conventional logic. Conventional logic tells us to look around and estimate the possibility. Manifesting requires holding the objective in mind, and nothing else. In other words focus on the desired outcome. The distance we perceive from where we are to that end we desire is purely subjective. If you use conventional wisdom what we want usually seems too far away. If we hold that thought What I want is so far off, it will remain far off. Let go of the distance, see yourself already there. .

Build on your Success, build your Confidence

I will use this last manifestation to build on. I’ll stack it with the others, like bricks. This may be a bigger brick, but they all fit together and serve the same purpose. The more objectives you reach, the more confident you become, even more manifestations happen. This crushes the self defeating talk running on in the background, the voice saying You are asking for too much. Ask, people, ask! This is your power.

Photo by Tim Hüfner on Unsplash