Tenacity is defined as persistence. The ability to keep on keeping on, despite setbacks, impediments and the passing of time.

Recently I started following a fellow blogger here on WordPress. It’s Short Wisdom, in case you’re wondering. I confirmed my subscription and then was redirected a a page that lists all the blogs I follow. Here was the interesting thing: most of them have stopped posting. In fact, I was a bit surprised how many sites I do follow, since I haven’t read their post in a while.

There’s no criticism here. It’s hard to post consistently, believe me, I know. And it’s a personal choice to keep up blogging or take a break or stop all together. But it did remind of the importance of tenacity. And more importantly that things take time. Sometimes lots of time.

Longer Than You Think

We live in such an instaneous world. When we don’t reach out goal, when things don’t ‘happen’ fast enough, we often give up. “I tried but it just didn’t work out.” Part of the manifesting mindset is patience and tenacity. Achieving what you want can take time, a lot of time.

One day I’m going to publish a work of fiction. I’ve been saying this for years. Maintaining the mindset. I could have given up long time ago. And on some days I think I should have! But part of manifesting is tenacity.

A project can morph and change, the goal shifts. We learn and alter our intended outcome. The path is not an assembly line of repetitive tasks, but rather a learning process within a creative process. Because whatever you set out to do is created, be it a business or a lifestyle change, a work of art. And that takes times.

Mindset Timetables

I’ve talked about trading the word manifesting for mindset. So let’s talk about how long things take to happen once you’ve set your mind. What’s the timetable? It can be almost instant to never. ‘Such crap!’, you think. But in my experience, things can happen very quickly, and even in quick succession. The quick succession is where I am right now. The details will be in an upcoming blog. But I set my mind, planned, learned, did the footwork as I like to call it. Now results are pouring in and changes are happening fast.

Sometimes the whole prep phase is almost non-existent and you received overnight. But what about the never? The first manifestation book I read, a long time ago, in french, stated that your subconscious would never steer you to something that would be potentially harmful or would give another result that was more fitting. I believe this statement. I’ve strived for thing that never worked out. But there’s are no regrets. In the long run it was better that way. Also remember, the universe has its own measure of time. And it’s not ours.

So When Do You Call It Quits?

I’ve often pressure myself into a timeframe. Only so long and I move on. But in truth this hasn’t really worked because I found myself giving up on things I loved and goals near and dear to my heart. You shouldn’t stop unless you have to or unless you completely lose interest. And even if you stop, things have a strange way of popping up way down the road. That’s ok. This is my rule of thumb: if you heart is still in it, keep going, even if it makes no sense. In french they say the heart has reasons that reason doesn’t understand.

Photo by Ilya Ilford on Unsplash

In other news. I’ve been asked to participate in an online exhibition! River and Rust, one of my works will be shown in the Prunelle Exhibition, held from April 13th to the 24th. Woo hoo!