Astrology and Me

I’m ending #nonfictionnovember with a few astrology books. I’ve been into astrology for as long as I can remember. If I tell you it’s my Scorpio Rising and you say “Oh, of course.” then bonus points for you. If the name Sydney Omarr rings a bell, extra bonus points for you.

I’ve taken my learning further in the last few years, earning level 2 certification from the CAAE. I’ve also followed webinars and read  far and wide. If astrology interests you, wether you want to know more about you Sun sign, Moon or Rising or what energy the planets in your chart bring and where they bring it, or you want to learn to interpret your chart better, theses are my basic recs.

1. Understanding the Birth Chart by Kevin Burk Kevin Burk’s excellent book is easy to understand and will allow you to learn to interpret your chart. What does it all mean? The writing style is engaging, no dry textbook here. The explanations avoid going into details that astrologers like to get into. But he does cover all the big themes when looking at a chart. Plus he’s pretty hilarious. 

2. 2020 Astrology: Your 5 Year Personal Horoscope Guide by Jessica Adams.  Jessica Adams is one of the best astrologers out there. Her goal is to enable everyone to read their own chart, which she helps do wither free astrology blogs and horoscopes and a members only section that allows  deeper dive. The books allows you to look at your chart and understand what you see there. Who plays what role and what do they bring? She also explains the mythology behind all these heavenly bodies, named for figures of Roman mythology.

3. 200 Astrology Secrets by Jessica Adams This e-book will add to your astrology tool box. If you want her take on houses systems and even using more than one chart, depending on your work, this is a good basic guide. It is also a quick and easy reference for placements. Moreover you can access your chart on her site and get started. 

4. You and Your Future by Georgia Nicols.  Georgia Nicols is Canada’s most widely read astrologer. Her column appears in papers across the country. If you’re not really into charts and placements and just want to know about you and your future, this is the book for you. Her description of each sign is uncannily accurate.  Georgia takes her forecasts to 2025 for all signs. She also has a great sense of humor.  

5.  Sun Signs by Linda Goodman. This is an oldie but goodie. Sun Signs takes us through all 12 signs and who they are as a man, woman, a boss or a child. A great read if you just want to get to know about those around you, without delving into astrology as such. 

Happy Reading. Let me know in the comments if astrology interests you or if you think it a pile of wet spaghetti. And check out my last post on the Nodes of the Moon.

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