Manifesting and Subpar Results

When you work on mindset, with the objective of manifesting a result, one of the hardest parts is getting your confidence on board. You must believe it will happen.

Expect the results you want, don’t make do with results that are subpar and that may show up along the way. You’ll be tempted to settle. Your ego will tell you “Well that’s it. Good enough, pretty close. What did you expect?” Because it’s your ego, it didn’t even want you trying this in the first place.

This happened to me when I wanted to manifest a new source of income. I didn’t want to work full time. I had other projects I’ve been forever trying to put more attention on. Namely publishing in 2022. I was offered part-time work. But more hours than I wanted, further away than I wanted to travel. With a certification requirement I had to pay for myself (not refunded). It was OK, but it was subpar. Same thing manifesting my first house. I visited a lot of houses. But none fit the bill: too far to work, too many repairs, bad location. The results showed up at the eleventh hour. In a way I didn’t expect.

The Fear Factor

But it’s tempting to accept. Mainly out of fear that something else won’t come along. That ‘thing’, what we really desire, won’t happen. Now you may say “But, Rosie, you said yourself, sometimes you get a result that is not exactly what you had conceived, and to not micromanage the results.” Yes, I did. It was in this blog. But the result, in another format, that has you happy and excited versus one that has you going “OK, I guess this is it” (drag feet, hang head), are completely different.

Why does this happen? Perhaps we manifest several results. Things start coming in and we have options. Perhaps it’s a test. Maybe your subconscious/the universe/God (exactly what you believe does not matter, in terms of achieving results) answers in multiple ways. And that’s great.

Finally, I didn’t take that job. I’ve had better offers since, much better. But this is an example of believing the results will be suitable, exciting and a match. Not a subpar result.

The Time Factor

You may think, “But what if I need a job now, I can’t pussyfoot around waiting.” In that case your objective is speed, timing, revenue, and not the job itself. There’ll be time for that later. So your intention would be ‘I find a job now’, ‘I start working now’. You need money. Even in that case, you could set your intention as ‘Money comes to me quickly’, ‘I have steady and adequate income’ ‘I have many sources of revenue. I am financially secure’. Just remember to also start the ball rolling. Start looking. The reason manifestation gets a bad rap is because it’s presented as a magic spell where you simply repeat a sentence or two, do nothing, and your desires manifest out of nothing. This won’t happen. It’s a co-creation. It’s about the energy.


Part of manifestation is a creation of energy. Feeling as if it has already happened brings an energy to your intention. Taking action creates an energy reinforcing your intention. It can be something as simple as buying a good pair of walking shoes because you intend to travel through Europe. Florence Scovell Shinn, in The Game of Life and How to Play It, tells of a woman who bought a blanket for a new apartment she was manifesting. She set the intention and took action on the physical plane: she bought the blanket even if the apartment had not been found yet. Though she had to leave her old apartment and was nearing the eviction date, she did not settle and believed she would find the new place that suited her. No subpar results.

Believe, Believe, Believe

Setting a clear intention is important. So is not over managing the process because you can’t predict all the opportunities or ways your objective may be reached. But believing it is also important. Don’t desperately grab the subpar manifestation. Hold your objective clearly in mind and expect it. Know it will happen, it already has you just need to connect. Don’t settle.

On a final note, the best book I’ve read on manifesting is the pre-stated The Game of Life and How to Play It. It was recommended to me when I was in my early twenties, and, like an idiot, I read it ten years later, when I came across it again, by chance. I’ve linked Florence Scovel Shinn’s series. All are good and for the price, well worth it. Don’t let the old style or Christian references put you off. In a future blog, I’ll post the rest of my ‘golden oldies’. May your manifesting be powerful in 2022.

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