Venus and Mars Conjunction

Mars and Venus are the original cosmic couple. A tantalizing duo. Mars the motor is energy and drive. As the god of war, Mars is the warrior in astrology, the one who fights for a cause, usually taking the defense of others. Mars is in our chart is go-getter, don’t let anything stand in our way, type of energy.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relationships and money. As the ruling planet of Taurus, Venus embodies comfort, sensuality and a physical, tangible well-being. In Libra, an air sign that evolves on the mental plane, it is an aesthetic beauty. The perfect proportions of Greek statues are the perfect face. 

Mars and Venus together are seduction with strength. People born with Mars and Venus close together in their natal chart are said to be particularly alluring. They have the drive and forwardness to go after who they want, but wrapped up in charming Venus’s refined sense of relationships.

Venus was retrograde until January 29th and conjuncted Pluto alone around this time. You can read about that here and here.

Mars-Venus Conjunction

Mars and Venus will be together on February 16th-17th, but like all other aspects the energy builds before and lingers after. They will be close through mid-March, passing Pluto on the 2nd and entering Aquarius together. By the 3rd week of March they will begin to part.

An aspect isn’t a door swinging open at a precise time on a precise date. It’s more like something coming over the horizon, getting closer and closer. This combined energy will be more manifest in one area of life, depending on where they hook up in your chart.

If you know your chart and the degrees of your house cusps, you’ll be able to pinpoint more precisely where this is happening in your chart. Look to the sign after yours, especially if you are a late born or late rising.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This energy will be all about you, your individuality and your personality. If Capricorn is your sun sign, others will more likely notice the difference. Venus and Capricorn together in your sign will make you particularly alluring. As this energy touches on Pluto towards the end of the month, it might bring a final decision about a new look or a new image.Remember, Pluto has been in your sign for close to 20 years, so you’ve definitely undergone deep, sometimes challenging, change to your persona.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This wonderful combo is taking place in your second house, which is all about your valuables, your revenue and your possessions. Venus is linked to the second house as the ruler of Taurus. Perhaps this charming drive will lead you to increased revenue or a valuable acquisition. Maybe you’ll take the risk to start a new revenue stream or ask for more money for work or services.

There’s been a deep and profound overhaul to this house with Pluto transiting it for almost 2 decades. March 2 will be the conjunction between Venus, Mars and Pluto and should begin finalizing whatever changes Pluto have brought about.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Like me, this is in your third house. This house is associated with Gemini and covers your neighborhood, short distance travels to work or to school. It is the house of communication, either written or spoken. It also the house of siblings.

Look for what you say to be forceful, showing where you stand or what you are passionate about. Perhaps issues with siblings will be settled, as Mars gives you the drive to do so assertively but with Venus to smooth over the interaction. March 2nd they will be very close to Pluto, a planet that is about power and control. Something will be settled.

Libra and Libra Rising

The planetary couple is in your fourth house of family, either biological or those you consider family. The fourth house is also home, homeland, your actual physical residence or where you feel at home. If you are thinking of change on any of theses fronts, Mars will push you to do so. Venus, your ruling planet, will give you an aesthetic eye. If you must negotiate, Mars and Venus will make you forceful but nice.

Or perhaps this duo of strength and charm will allow you to interact with family members forcefully but gently. Pluto has been shaking up this area of your life for many years, perhaps reestablishing who has power and control or who did, but no longer does. Pluto also has a way of showing up the dark side, in this case of family issues. Venus and Mars passing by Pluto on March 2nd will give you the ability to enforce whatever needs to be changed with grace.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Venus and Mars are sailing through your fifth house. Wonderful. The fifth house covers romance and romantic sex, what you do for pleasure, creativity, procreativity and children. Also gambling and speculation. See how that all fits together?

It is also the house of friendships, one on one, close friendships. The people who don’t bother to knock when they come through your door. Mars will give you energy and forcefulness to perhaps go after a romantic interest, take a risk, speak up with friends and children. Venus will cloak all this in a kind and gentle approach. You’ll be diplomatic as a parent and a friend. But we know you already are! Virgo likes everything just right. Just watch for that critical, perfectionistic Virgo fueled by Venus’s esthetic sense.  Mars may encourage some risks, creatively or speculatively. Be careful of going overboard (always a risk with Mars energy).

Leo and Leo Rising

Mars and Venus are moving through your sixth house. Not the most glamorous for luxurious Leos. It is the house of work, paid or unpaid. It is also the house of subordinates or employees or people you hire, perhaps through outsourcing platforms. In ancient astrology, it was the House of dependents: servants and before that, of slaves. It is the house of responsibility and duty.

If you want to reassert the parameters of this area of your life and redefine what you will do and not do, the Venus-Mars combination will give you the energy to do so and the sweetness to allow you to get away with it.

The sixth house is also the house of health and illness. Mars is favored in this house, he does well here. So use this energy and assertiveness to your advantage. Venus will sweeten your words and your actions. Remember this is all within a setting of a much longer cycle of Pluto transforming this part of your life. What you control and have power over and what you don’t. When Pluto leaves this area, briefly in March 2023 and for good in 2024, you’ll look back and see there has been a major shift.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

The celestial duo is moving through your seventh house of committed relationships. Sometimes this can be business partnerships but more often than not, this is a committed romantic partnership. This part of your life has seen a power struggle for the last many years. Pluto has a way of exposing the dark side of whatever part of our life he’s moving through. But now with Venus and Mars there too, there will be energy to reestablish your power and you go after what you want in a charming and diplomatic way. This can be recommitting with new parameters, or it can be moving from a romantic relationship to a committed one. Either way you are ready to speak out now.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

The cosmic couple is moving through your eighth house. The eighth house is that of money and revenue we receive through others. Usually a partner but also a bank loan or a mortgage. The eighth is also associated with death, so this includes moneys and valuable from wills, testaments and estates. Anything you come into through a third-party.

Perhaps there is money waiting for you but you must take steps to assert what is rightfully yours. Mars will allow you to do this and Venus will allow you to do it diplomatically. And with Pluto having transit it through this house for a long time perhaps it is reestablishing power and control in relation to a partner’s revenue. Who makes more money? Who calls the shots?

Taurus and Taurus Rising 

Mars and Venus move through your ninth house of higher education, publishing and media. It is the house of long-distance travel both physically and in the mind. It is also the house of spirituality and religion. The ninth house is also associated with the law and courts. It is also the house of in-laws, as in the marriage partners of your siblings, since it is the seventh house in relation to your third house of siblings.

Mars is energy will push you to be assertive and fight for what you believe is right in any of these areas of your life. Venus will want harmony, wether within yourself or with others. She will curb any Martian tendencies to become self-righteous. Mars will prevent Venus from being too accommodating in the name of smoothing things over.

Perhaps this has to do with a new spiritual practice, learning something new, or a trip. Perhaps you have a court date coming up. This energy will make you forceful but not arrogant.  Maybe you are publishing and have to negotiate various steps to getting your book out there.You’ve been going through deep change in any or all of these areas of your life. This Venus Mars transit is a favorable one.

Aries and Aries Rising

This is taking place at the top of your chart, at your midheaven in the 10th house. In modern astrology we refer to this as the house of career success. Before that it was the house of reputation: what you were known for. So even if you don’t work in paid employment, the 10th house covers where you shine, where and what you are known for in your social setting.

If you want to push for that next rung of the corporate ladder, this is the time and you will charm your higher ups. If that this is about expanding or increasing your reputation socially, in whatever capacity you are known for, the above applies.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Venus and Mars are moving through your 11th house. This is the house of hopes and wishes. It is also the house of friendships. Not the close one on one friendships of the fifth house but rather the ones related to groups or organizations. It is people you meet through a common interest. 

This is the time to use Mars as energy to go what after whatever you have been wishing for, perhaps to establish a plan or to take the first steps. Venus is energy can bring a creative approach and can make you charmingly assertive and asking for what you want.

Friends will probably seek you out more attracted by Venus is charming energy and mars is underlying strength. You will be particularly attractive as a friend. So this is the time to join common interest groups and share your aspirations as others will be likely to want to help.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Mars and Venus move through your 12th house. Personally, I think this is an exciting transit. The 12th house rules all that is hidden or below the surface. It is the house of the subconscious, the dream state, secrets and unknown enemies. The 12th house is the house of what is unseen but definitely what is felt. This could be a time where Martian energy will push you to examine below the surface. Mars is energy and drive to fight for a cause. You will want you to expose secrets, confront enemies or explore your subconscious and inner self. You may finally work up the courage to visit a therapist, an astrologer, a healer.

The 12th house also represents intuition and instinct, which will be heightened at this time. Listen to whatever seems to be coming up or what you are intuitively feeling or knowing. Use Venus energy to be compassionate and loving with yourself. But avoid the 12th house tendency to become a martyr: someone sacrificing themselves for others. This is a time of self-care and internal healing.

Note: If you have your chart, and want a better understanding of the transits in relation to your natal planets, Rob Hand’s book Planets in Transit is wonderful. The book is divided by planets and the aspects each can make to the others. Also what each planet in each house means. Some transits last many years. Some set-up the future. Planets in Transit is a definite tool for those wanting a better understanding of the energies at play in their chart. 

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