Manifesting the Feeling

There’s a key component that makes or breaks the outcome of a manifestation.  This key component, when missing, is the reason we fail at our manifesting process. This is why manifesting is met with disbelief, why it doesn’t work or only seems to work sometimes, in a very random way.

I’ve read and listened to a lot of thoughts on manifesting. It can be, as I like to call them, the Golden Oldies such as Neville Goddard‘s Feeling if the Secret or Florence Scovel Shinn’s The Game of Life or more recent works that rely on science and research such as Joe Dispenza’s excellent book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

There’s one element to manifesting that comes up over and over: the importance of creating the feeling of it already having happened. In other words, convincing yourself that what you want has already taken place, been received.

Neville Goddard writes: “Nothing stops you from realizing your objective save your failure to feel that you are already that which you wish to be, or that you are already in possession of the thing sought.

This means the only thing preventing it from happening is failing to feel that you have become or have received that which you desire. More simply put, one of the key components to manifesting is visualizing the outcome, and creating the feelings that it has already happened. Believing that it has come to pass.

The Manifesting Trio

There are three parts I believe are essential to manifesting, before we start a practice of creating the feeling it has happened: getting clear on what you want to manifest and not micromanaging the process. I wrote on that here.

The third is asking yourself if you are entertaining the subconscious belief that it won’t happen. It’s here in Running the Subconscious Self-Defeating Program.

So we need to be clear on what you want to manifest, meaning we know exactly what we want–and believe me this isn’t always as obvious as it sounds. If you modify your request it creates confusion.

Second, we stop trying to plan it. We don’t think of what must happen, or how it will unfold. Because it sets the subconscious in one direction, and prevent it from finding the best outcome.

Third, manifest something that you fundamentally believe can happen. It’s making sure that self-defeating program isn’t running in the background. Only you know how likely you are to believe it is possible.

This is ability varies from one person to another, which explains why some people do manifest things that seem impossible and others don’t. But if you over-reach in what you’re manifesting, if deep down inside, on the subconscious level, you don’t believe it, it’s never going to work. So, one of the keys is trying to manifest something that you truly believe can happen.

Manifesting The Feeling it has Manifested

The final step is creating the feeling. Which means the need to practice. Just like a daily meditation practice. Pick a time to sit quietly and envision yourself in possession of what you want, or in the situation you want. Focus on it how you feel, what’s going on around you, revel in the enjoyment and the satisfaction or the relief of having manifested what you want. See yourself happy or excited or content.

If you think this sounds like a form of visualization you’re absolutely right. See yourself with that money, in that relationship, doing that new job. Visualize your surroundings, your interactions with others. How do you feel? Conjure that feeling, whatever it is:  elation, relief, pride, satisfaction. Work on creating, in your mind, your new situation. Envision it as if it has already happened.

Don’t want, hope or wish. That’s all in the past. You have that new job, you are living in that house, you’re in that relationship. You’re speaking confidently in front of a crowd, you’re in a class raising your hand and answering the question. You’re at your job, confidently asking.

How Does It Work?

Why does it work? If you read Neville Goddard or Florence Scovel Shinn you’ll often come across references to biblical passages. Don’t let this stop your reading. Even if you’re not Christian or religious. Their explanations are not that different from recent books based on research and science. Except now scientific understanding has replaced the divine intervention explanation. Or perhaps added to it.

It’s irrelevant which explanation is right, and most likely they both are. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Either way, the requirement is the same. And it’s the need to feel it has already happened.  What matters is that, if done correctly, it works.

We know the subconscious can be programmed anyway we want. This makes it sound like a big floppy doormat, but in truth the subconscious rules the majority of our beliefs and decisions. The subconscious doesn’t distinguish between good or bad, right or wrong. The subconscious believes what you tell it and strive to make it happen. So that inside (the belief) and outside (physical world) are the same. It is one of Hermes’ principles: As within, so without. If you want to read more on this, try Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief.


In Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Joe Dispenza explains that you can rewire your brain, the synapses modify in response to new learning. You can make yourself think differently, believe differently.

Your subconscious wants to assimilate what it’s been told with what is factually going on in your outside world. It will strive to make it happen. Opportunities will come to you, and you notice them because your subconscious is working on it.

This is a complex idea because it’s the opposite of how we’ve been taught to think. How can I believe something that isn’t here? That hasn’t happened? But this is at the core of manifesting. After years of practicing manifesting, of success and failure, creating that feeling of believing it has already happened is the final piece of the puzzle.

My Work in Progress

I am always in the process of manifesting. I’m working hard on a new one and devoting time to fostering the feeling that it’s happened. Not easy, but I know it’ll boost results! And I’ll report on it here.

I won’t discuss it yet and actually it’s a good idea not to tell anyone what you are trying to manifest because the reaction, whether verbal or no-verbal or even perceived, can throw you off your game. Also, I’ve learned that some manifestations are long-term. If there’s a way to control the timing I don’t know it yet, but somethings have happened very quickly for me and some things are still in the process.

Choose something to manifest and work at it diligently. It will happen. Then build on that one, gaining  confidence for the next one. What are your experiences? Any tips, comments? Drop them in below, and let me know what’s worked for you.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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