Covid Apathy or something else?

Are we experiencing some sort of Covid apathy or is this a fear reaction to the anticipation of a big permanent, change ahead? Something more than another round of Covid, which I fully expect, that will change how we live.

I had an interesting discussion with a friend the other day. I said, “I find there’s so much Covid apathy out there. That’s what I’m calling it: Covid apathy. People look lost, even hopeless.” Certainly, things have changed dramatically and we’ve yet to catch up. That’s normal. But there’s a lack of reaction that’s worrying. People are on hold, waiting for it to be over. Wake-me-up-when-I-can-go-back-to-my-life attitude. I spoke about this in a blog a few weeks back.

Certainly, life isn’t what it was before and it’s dragging on and it’s starting to feel permanent. Maybe that’s the big factor. Is there an anticipation, an intuition telling us there’s more to come? When will I work again? Will I even have a job? Will I be working from home? Should I move to the suburbs? To the country? What happens when the checks run out? When my patience runs out? Are all shopping expeditions going to be a military operation? I haven’t seen family and friend, in the flesh, for ages. What should I do? Hope of going back to before is dwindling. Ahead is unknown. So we’re stalled.

For example, a relative complained he keeps gaining weight. It’s Covid he explained. I’m not working, gym is closed. Can’t exercise because my usual routine isn’t there. Really? Should you not be in better shape, since you have so much free time? How about that free gym called Outside? And that exercise called walking?

Why did one friend of mine recreate an exercise routine at home with YouTube and exercise bands ordered online and others are at a standstill? Is it just adaptability? Is that the flip side of apathy?

Now that the parameters of work and school obligations have fallen away, once shopping and socializing have been reduced to occasional and online, we’re drifting with no boundaries, no markers to keep us on course. Now we have to plan all of our time. 

Ironically, now that we have so much free time, we don’t know what to do with it.

Sign of a Bigger Change

My friend said this is the sign of an even bigger change to come. Covid is only a precursor. Maybe it is. The astrology certainly points to it. I talked about that in last week’s blog. How well are our laws, rules and public institutions working? Is Covid the portal showing us what’s breaking down? Possibly, because first it’s testing what we’ve built that serves the collective, and secondly it’s given us a hella lot if time to think about it.

Maybe that’s the emptiness I keep picking up on. What’s next? What’s after Covid? We don’t know what to expect. Is there a chance of return to normal? How will we fit in the new way? How much control will we have? Or let me rephrase that. What will a new order most of us can agree on, look like? We want something new, but the definition isn’t the same across the board. 

The root of the problem

But still there was something I couldn’t put my finger on. Until now. We’re always looking for guidance and changes to arrive from outside. Why are we waiting to be told what to do? Why are we waiting on some greater power—the government, public opinion, the experts? I’m not saying to reject that. But I am saying, that in addition to what we need to know, why isn’t each of us looking inside for the answers that are appropriate for us? What makes you feel better? It’s only when we do this individual work that we can be prepared. Maybe it won’t work out exactly as you hope, but you’ll have a plan.  That’s better than coping with insecurity. There’s an old saying in my job: ‘If you don’t manage yourself, someone will do it for you.’ Preparedness is imagining different scenarios and responses. It’s an antidote to insecurity.

The apathy a lot of people are feeling is the result of a prolonged state of insecurity.

The Astrology

Coming back to the astrology, what things are going to look like in 2023–2024, when Saturn finishes moving through Aquarius, the sign adjacent to where it is now, will be very different. In Capricorn, the sign of governments, the planet of boundaries and structure wants us to build, define and limit. But in Aquarius we’ll take apart and rebuild, for everyone’s benefit. Add in Pluto, and the changes will be dramatic and profound. That’s plutonian influence. Thank goodness Pluto moves slowly.

Now, we’re wrestling with what’s not working. In Aquarius, we’ll rebuild with that sign’s propensity towards social equality. In addition, 2024 will coincide with Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius. If Saturn is the redo, Pluto will be the decades of fine-tuning, after what will probably be extremes. 

Aquarius is also the sign of technology. Will we perhaps be looking at AI and algorithms to figure out the most acceptable (notice I didn’t say logical, humans are a fickle bunch) solution to our woes? Will technological inventions not just help us but guide us? As the objective third party? We’ve already, willingly or not, input tons of data. 

What’s helping? Mars in its own sign of Aries. Mars is the warrior. He wants us to make a move, a change, in order to feel hopeful. Mars can’t do inaction, stagnation is anathema to Mars.

You know You

Either way, to really know what you’re about and who you are requires looking inside so we’re back to the self again. Are you spending your time in this Covid era looking for outside from someone else? Watching reality TV, surfing social media, and listening to everybody? Zoning out on Netflix? ‘If you’re watching everyone else’s life, you’re not living yours.’ I can’t remember where I read this, but it’s so right on. 

I know I talk about this a lot. If you don’t take the time to reflect on how you feel and what you need to do to avoid being lost in Covid apathy, you’ll get caught out. You won’t know where you stand. It’ll be like trying to get somewhere but not knowing where you are now. To get to a destination you need a starting point. A clear one. Start small. Address one thing you don’t like. Don’t be afraid. It doesn’t mean you have to change. You can decide now and act later. It doesn’t have to be drastic.

Lots of questions, so few answers. Time to ask ourselves for some. Because so far your Self is the best guide you have. Be well.

Photo: I saved this image, likely from Unsplash, before I got wise and left the credits properly. I apologize for not having them.