Energy Shield

The week before last, I talked about energy differences between friends and couples. But this week I wanted to talk about energy on an individual level. Specifically, how we manage our energy to suit our needs and to create an energy shield.


Along time ago–a really long time ago–when I was in my early twenties, I had an aesthetician named Jackie. She was a Frenchwoman from Nice who immigrated to Montreal. Her atelier was on the second floor of a hair a salon belonging to her friends, a couple who was also from France.

One day, as it usually is when you go to the aesthetician, I confided in her that a lot of my friends seemed to take liberty giving me their opinions on what I should be doing with my life, relationship, career, etc. I said I don’t begrudge a caring opinion, but this was unsolicited and critical. Jackie, who was in her early forties, answered that when I learned to use my energy it could project itself and no one would be throwing opinions at me, or advice or try to tell me what to do. She said this went with confidence, meaning projecting being sure of myself. It was all a question of an energy and energy shield against the intrusive energy of others.

I remember thinking Well how the hell does that work? You just project some energy and they’ll know? Like you don’t have to tell them? How in the world will anyone ever clue into that?  And how in the world will I ever create that?

Energy is Real

Blame it on being young–I was in my very early twenties–(apologies to those in their early twenties, I was an unsophisticated 20)  I really didn’t take up this advice or do anything with it. As with several other pearls of wisdom this dear woman imparted. But several years later, maybe when I had read more on metaphysical subjects, spiritual topics, and about energy per se, I began to understand what she meant. Energy is created  and can be managed. You can hold in your energy and not affect anybody around you. You may want to do this to go unnoticed or not make contact. Or you can project it out and people can pick up on it. We call that having presence. You can also use it to stave off bad outside energy, in other words an energy shield.

Negative energy has the lowest of all vibrations. That’s why someone in a very bad mood or a place with a very bad atmosphere, such as an office full of negative people, is easier to feel. I like using the term reality of energy because it is real. Even if you can’t actually touch it, or see, it it’s indeed very perceptible. It’s when you begin to notice it that you begin to realize you pick up on it.

The Egg

In the same way you can restrain or project your energy you can also protect yourself from other’s energies. This is what Jackie had tried to explain. I began working on shielding myself. I imagined being inside a protective eggshell. My energy was strong, the shields were up (yes, Star Trek) and nothing was infiltrating and getting to me. Sound weird? Well, it works. Regardless if you actually believe in energy shields, as a form of your energy pushing back or resisting other’s or if you think it’s simply a visualization or psychological tactic, it works.

As crazy as this may sound when I find myself going into an environment that’s negative, or one where people are drawing on my energy,  I literally visualize myself inside My Egg.

Case Study

I tend to be skeptical, so while this worked I carried doubt for a long time. Maybe, I thought, it had more to do with being tired . One day, at work I spent several hours talking to a woman. She was low energy. I’d even say depressed, although I didn’t clue in at the time because I was focused on my case. Her surroundings reflected this: blinds drawn, no lights on. She sat slumped on her chair. Even her cat had patches of fur missing.

When I left her apartment and got into my car to drive back to the office my bones began to ache. I thought I was coming down with the flu and I remember thinking Really? I never get sick. What’s going on?  It was only when my colleague got in the car and remarked she was ready to throw herself off a bridge (something she would never say and that grabbed my attention) that I clued in. I told her about how I felt and she said “Of course, that woman’s energy was awful!” This was one of the biggest eye-opener‘s for me. I literally physically felt the effects of this negative energy dragging me down. It confirmed what I’d learned from Jackie so long ago.

Find your own Egg

Protecting yourself with an energy shield is visualizing a boundary between you and whatever is going on out there energetically. It can be an egg, a wall, shields like the USS Enterprise, or any other boundary. You are using your energy as a block and not letting low energy in to drain yours.

Happy Valentines!

Photo by Vanessa von Wieding on Unsplash

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