Looking for the Unknown

Have you ever wanted something but couldn’t quite put your finger on it? Or maybe you don’t know exactly where you want to be, but you know that you can’t keep showing up the same way.

I know I’ve said you have to know what you want when you manifest. You need a clear objective. And you do. But what if you just want things to change for the better? What if you that’s your objective but can’t figure out where to start?

Part of manifesting is bringing in something you can’t identify yet. It sounds vague. And at this stage it is. But on a basic level, manifesting is being open to something new, attracting what we need. Even if the objective is precise, I caution against micromanaging the process. None of us knows exactly how the results will come about. Usually, as I mentioned in the blog I linked above, we can’t even fathom the sequence of events that leads to the manifestation. And if we are too focused on the way we think it’ll play out, we miss the opportunities along the way.

Manifesting the unknown requires being even more open. It is asking for something that you can’t define. You can set an intention that asks for new opportunities. You can set an intention such as “I receive new opportunities and offers to better my life”. The manifestation is a better life. Fair enough, although still that’s pretty vague. But it will work. But the objective isn’t clear–or perhaps we could argue it is–but the possible results are many. What constitutes a better life or open to interpretation. But don’t worry, what comes to you is what you need. Watch carefully so you’ll recognize them when they arrive.

Settling for the First Thing

Manifesting the unknown means unknown results. But it doesn’t mean taking the first opportunity that arises and stopping there. You can keep asking, you don’t have to stop setting your intention. Why stop at one result? Build on this to get clearer on where you need change, and perhaps, with time and introspection, what exactly needs to change. Don’t settle for subpar results. 

Trust the Process

Trust that what is coming to you is the answer, even if you don’t know what it is and you don’t know exactly when it’s going to appear or what form it’s going to take. Like most things manifestation it sounds backwards to modern rational thought. How can I look for something when I don’t know what it is I’m looking for? How can I train my gaze on a solution I haven’t yet formulated yet?

That’s exactly how manifestation works.  Feeling precedes results.  Even if you don’t know what that result looks like.

Creating the Feeling

Joe Dispenza talks about feeling as if what you want has already manifested. Meditate or visualize your intention having manifested. Focus on the feeling, especially if you are manifesting the unknown. Imagine how you are feeling now that you have reached your objective. It’s a bit like projecting yourself into the future and being the new you who has what you want. His book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and YouTube videos go into more detail and explore the neuroscience behind transforming your power of thought.

The aptly named Feeling is the Secret, an oldie but goodie by Neville Goddard, also talks of how feelings create our reality. The e-book editions of these two books are less than 2$ each; use my affiliate links by clicking the titles!

Avoid Over-Trying

Again, this is counter intuitive to rational thinking, but there is such a thing as trying too hard. In my experience with manifesting, this energy is too harsh and too limited. It wants to put the process on a specific trajectory and timeline. Results come around the corner unexpectedly or through unexpected people or in unexpected places.

Don’t micromanage because you’ll miss opportunities. Concentrate on visualizing yourself in that place where you’ve manifested your result. Imagine it, visualize it, expect it. Read about manifesting and other’s successes. This keeps your energy high and focused. Joe Dispenza’s book is a great start.

Finally, I believe all our answers come from inside, if only we take the time to get quiet and listen to ourselves. So trust that whatever you are looking for, your subconscious, higher mind, divine self (it doesn’t matter what name you give it) knows what you need and will bring it to you. Just make ready. I look forward to hearing of your results.

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Image: Jupi Lu on Pixabay