Triple Conjunction

Mars, Uranus and the North Node are going to meet up in Taurus on July 31st though to August 4th in a triple conjunction. Mars and Uranus are warrior meets rebel, and I’ve talked about that here. But with the North Node there, there is a karmic quality. This is part of a long cycle of Uranus through Taurus ending in 2025 and a smaller on of the nodes through the Taros-Scorpio axis until July of 2023.

The Nodes

On the personal level we’ll be pushed to move from a Scorpionic place of deep hidden emotion, the shadow side or the fragile part of ourselves we don’t really like to look at to a more present, physical, tangible place of Taurus. That’s the energy the nodes. If you are 18, 37, 55, 63, give or take, then this is your nodal return and the feeling is more intense. You are in the process of completing a nodal cycle and the nodes have or soon will line up with your natal nodes. Then another 18-19 year cycle will begin.

Each nodal cycle harks back to 18-19 years previously. The is a sense of karma: fulfilling or owing. This will blend and trigger Uranus, an energy that pushes us to break free of limitations. Uranus says “I know the rules, now I can break them.”

Uranus Triggered

On the world stage, the ongoing Uranus square with Saturn is going to bring another round of Uranian rebelling against the structures and rules in place. Saturn is the structure and regulations that Uranus rejects. Saturn can also signal food shortages as Taurus is the earth and the farmer and Saturn brings limits and scarcity. Uranus is disruptions. Perhaps human protest disruptions or supply issues.

Taurus is also about our wealth. Uranus definitely doesn’t want us to be bound to our material possessions. Uranus may also be asking us to look at where we are trapped by how we see wealth. Are we stuck in the work more/buy more loop? Certainly a downside for Taurus is being owned by one’s possessions and having to much personal worth, in terms of self esteem, tied up to financial worth.

The Nodes

The nodes always have a karmic element. Something about leveling up, evolving, going through a cycle but cycling up, spiraling up. Something will push is, or perhaps we will strongly and suddenly push to break free and move onwards.

The video is up and is a comprehensive explanation of this event. Take care,