Videos for all Signs

The August Astrology videos for each sign are up on my YouTube Channel.  Or you can follow my Facebook. I post them there as well and also my blogs. I don’t post everyday activities or what I ate for dinner (no shade on those who do, I even comment if it looks really good and is vegetarian or-I cannot lie-is dessert) so you won’t be overwhelmed. That’s here.

Triple Conjunction in Taurus

The August astrology has a Mars, Uranus and the North Node meet-up in Taurus on July 31st though to August 4th in a triple conjunction. Mars and Uranus are warrior meets rebel, and I’ve talked about that here. But with the North Node there, there is a karmic quality. This is part of a long cycle of Uranus through Taurus ending in 2025 and a smaller one of the nodes through the Taurus-Scorpio axis until July of 2023.  The whole blog is here.

It’s a few days, then Mars moves on, but the North Node and Uranus will still be close until the end of the month. If you get the feeling you need to beak free from a pattern that has been keeping you stuck, it may feel like something that goes way back. Remember, the last time the North Node was in Taurus was 18-19 years ago. So do look back for a clue.

Have a great month of August. I’ll be posting regular blogs on writing (let’s talk financing!) and manifesting. Take care,

Image: Artur Aldyrkhanov on Unsplash