How I discovered Past Life Regression

It’s Fall, we’re headed towards Halloween, or Samhain, the time of the year when the veil between worlds is said to be at its thinnest. So I’m getting into the woo this week.

If you read my blogs you know I’m a Scorpio rising. The occult, the woo, the other reality is stuff I love exploring. Cue the astrology here, I’ve been studying astrology for years. I’ve also been a student of manifestation for years. I’ve read a lot and experimented. I have yet to come up with a surefire method, or maybe I have, but I’ve yet to perfect it myself. Suffice to say, it has a lot with believing it’s truly possible and having the feeling it has already happened. It’s putting your mind ahead of the reality. So it is about seeing reality differently. But you can read that blog here. It’s one of the most popular.

Past life regression came onto my radar the I read Brian Weiss’ book Many Lives Many Masters. In his book Dr. Weiss, a psychiatrist, treats a patient who is plagued by phobias. He uses hypnosis, a new technique in his field at the time, and is shocked when his patient begins recounting what seems to be past lives. She describes where she is, how she is dressed and how her life unfolds and trauma that can be linked to her present day fears.

She has no prior knowledge of these periods, has never visited these places or read about them. In one of their first session, she tells Dr.Weiss that he lost a child at a very young age and describes the heart condition that lead to his infant’s death. A condition that even he, as a doctor, had trouble understanding when the cardiologist explained it to him. Despite being a skeptic, he can’t explain how his patient knows these things.

Is it Scary?

I hesitated for a while. I mean, what if this got very weird? What if I was traumatized by what I’d see or learn? But as I read more, I understood it’s not like a bad dream, or even a dream. You can just stop anytime you want. You not stuck ‘in there’.

I watched a few videos of past life regression with a hypnotherapist.  Then I learned you could do your own past life regression. I also discovered there is a YouTube video with Brian Weiss doing a guided past life regression. So I decided to try it. I’ll link that right here.  Hopefully, this is an ad free version.

Looking back, and maybe this is just me, I didn’t have any emotional attachment to past life me. I didn’t get upset or mourn that person. That may be dependent on our individual make up, or the past life itself. Or maybe we are only subject to the trials and tribulations of our present lifetime. Thank goodness!

 Is it your Imagination?

Now let me preface this by saying I’ll never be 100% sure that’s what it was. I am a writer so I guess I do have an overactive imagination and I would completely agree with anyone who says ‘Well Rosemary, that could be your imagination.’  I’ve read several of Shirley MacLaine’s books, and in her past life regressions this was also been a question that arose for her. So no, I can’t be sure it was a regression, and not my imagination. But if it was my imagination, I can’t explain how or why it chose that ‘story’.

The Regression

I’m standing on a beach, or rather on a small sandy strip at the foot of a cliff, at the edge of the ocean. It’s not a tropical climate. It’s cold and barren. I know we’re somewhere in the dark ages, probably before the year 1000. It’s not only cold, it’s damp and it’s overcast.

I’m a man and I’m wearing some sort of robe. I’m with other people from my village, a small group of maybe ten or fifteen. We’ve just fled because the Vikings have come again  to plunder our village. So we ran away down to the edge of the water. I don’t know why but they don’t bother following us there. Either that can’t see us or we’re of no interest to them. But we can see them sailing off in the distance, once they’re done.

I know some of the villagers will have been killed, and the Vikings will set fires. We must always start over again and wonder why we don’t just live nomads. What is the point of rebuilding? But it’s a harsh climate and a wild place and we’re safer within our village. At least most of the time.

Their ships are not moored where we are, because we are along a rocky part of the beach, bordered by cliffs. You have to scale the cliffs to get to the village. Or pick you way down the rock face to reach the water. But we know a path down. These attacks are a common occurrence and this is how we react. We aren’t fighters so we escape and come down here where we’ve always been safe.

We can see them sailing off and I think to myself it would be so much better to be with them than to be here in this village constantly being a victim. But I’m an older man, and slight in stature and I don’t really know how I could be of used to them. What could I offer?

End of Life Review

Then (as directed in the session) I move towards the end of my life. I see myself sick in my bed and I know I’m going to die. I’ve been living in the northern country the Vikings came from for many years. I befriended them and asked to live with them. I know how to write and that is how I made myself useful to them.

As none of them how to read or write I became their scribe. I’ve chronicled their  journeys, their adventures and their victories. And kept records of who they were, their ancestry and descendants, when they lived and died.

I had a wife in my old country. She was much younger than me. We didn’t have children. I didn’t dislike her but I wasn’t particularly attached to her. As was customary, I had married to have someone to keep house and to bear my children. I knew at the time she would never follow me should I leave. I didn’t feel bad because I knew she was young and would marry again.

Now a young woman is tending to me. I know she is my daughter. I have no recollection if I have a wife here or if she is alive. I’m glad I left all those years ago. I feel peaceful. I have no regrets.

Thoughts or Is it Real?

It was interesting to me that it took it was in that time and place. It’s a period I like reading about or watching. But I hadn’t just finished a book or a series on the Vikings or England (or perhaps Ireland or Scotland) in the Dark Ages. In fact, I hadn’t been reading or listening to anything historical at all. So that wasn’t a trigger, I wan’t imaging from what I had just seen or read. It’s also interesting to me that I was a scribe and I do like to write.

What I did notice during the regression is everything is very real, like in a dream. I could feel the cold salty air, the dampness chilling my bones. I’m looking at the flimsy clothing I’m wearing and I can feel how tired I am. Fear of the next attack is constant, we have to run every time and are terrorized at what will happen if we are not fast enough. I constantly feel like a victim who has no control over their life.

I also have a very clear idea about my relationships with my wife. While I am fond of her, I’m not in love. It’s not enough to keep me there. And also my admiration for the Vikings. Despite everything, I can’t help but envy them: they’re always on the winning end.

In a dream things are sometimes unclear or missing. Or don’t make sense. But this was very clear. I could perceive the cold and wind. I knew how I felt, I knew everything about my life. If it was my imagination, it’s pretty fast at pulling a story together!

Do you think past life regressions are that? Or is it just our  imagination? Or a sort of dream state? Let me know your thoughts or if you’ve tried something similar.

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Photo by Jamie Quirke on Unsplash