Let me try Meditation

One of the best things I’ve done in the last while was starting to meditate. No, seriously. After reading the umpteenth study lauding the benefits I figured “Let me try”.  I mean if it fixes so many things surely I’ll benefit from a few.

I’m pretty calm to begin with, I don’t stress out easily. There’s no trauma or addiction issues in my life. Things are pretty OK.  So what would meditating really change? Holy crapolini…let me tell you.

Meditation increases equanimity. That feeling of evenness where you don’t get really angry, or really sad or anxious. Food cravings disappear. People grate on your nerves less. At first it felt like I didn’t care anymore. Things weren’t getting to me, driving me insane. No more ups and downs. It took a more experienced meditator to name it. That’s how alien evenness of mind was to me.

Because when you remove the extremes you make room for the contentment that comes through equanimity. You are not getting over, or calming down or rising up. You just are and it feels the way life is supposed to feel. Easy.

It is any wonder the word mediation, meaning intervening in a conflict to bring about reconciliation, and meditation are nearly identical?

Image: Dean Moriarty on Pixabay