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After all, when everything is said and done, memories are what we're left with.

The Grandmothers Mary

Short story snafus The Grandmothers Mary was an entry I wrote for a short story contest, non-fiction category. In Ego-Wants and Soul-Needs, I spoke about a few bad choices I’ve made based on my ego’s advice (there are more but I’m not writing an encyclopaedia). One was entering a short […]

maybe the holidays have given you reason to establish some. Or Maybe life in general has you thinking you need to set or re-set some limits


What is a boundary? It’s a limit, defining what is and what’s not, what in and what’s out. Or in plain English, where the buck stops. The Romans built Hadrian’s wall in the northern part of their empire that would become Britain. Within: respectable citizens of the empire. Without: barbarians. […]